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Anti-Homophobia Meeting Kicked off in Kocaeli

Monday, December 3, 2012

First stop for the 8th Anti-Homophobia Meeting was the city Kocaeli. Hosted by Eğitim-Sen (Education and Science Worker’s Union) Kocaeli Branch Office, the event was organized by Kaos GL Kocaeli representatives and Kocaeli LGBT Initiative.

Anti-Homophobia Media Literacy Workshop

First session of the event was a workshop on anti-homophobia media literacy. Kaos GL Educational and Media Monitoring Coordinator Seçin Tuncel made a presentation on the subject. The presentation aimed at showing the language, cliches and ideological background used in media through the examples of news.  

Local Activism Against Heterosexism

Second session was a meeting on local activism against heterosexism. Moderated by Kaos GL Organizational Coordinator Evren E. Çakmak, during the meeting practices of local activism, its importance and methods were discussed. The session ended up with brainstorming on what else can be done in Kocaeli. 

If you want to contact Kocaeli LGBT Initiative, please send a mail to

* International Meeting Against Homophobia is financed by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives.

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