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Kaos GL Met Counsellors in Eskişehir

Wednesday, January 9, 2013
As part of the local activities of International Anti-Homophobia Meeting, Kaos GL met 50 councellors working at schools in Eskişehir and gave them a training on 5-6 January. Melek Göregenli, member of Kaos GL Advisory Board, made the opening speech. Göregenli made a presentation on discrimination and homophobia.
During the 2-days-long training, Dr. Koray Başar made a presentation on the development of sexual orientation and gender identity.
On the second day of the training, Umut Güner and Seçin Tuncel shared their experiences regarding the discrimination experienced by LGBT students and teachers at schools.
The training was supported by Mira Counselling Center and Eğitim Hakları Derneği (Educational Rights Association).
* International Meeting Against Homophobia is financed by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives.
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