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Kaos GL Met Teachers in Southeastern City of Urfa

Thursday, November 21, 2013
Kaos GL Association came together with psychological counselors and guides on Sunday in southeastern city of Urfa as part of Anti-Homophobia Meeting. Problems of LGBT students were discussed with 20 teachers. Ali Erol, Berna Savcı, Seçin Tuncel, Umut Güner and Zehra Tosun of Kaos GL led the event held in Education and Science Workers’ Union (Eğitim-Sen).
In the first part of the training, Ali Erol talked about the struggle of Kaos GL and what kind of discrimination and exclusion LGBTs experience in education. Zehra Tosun and Umut Güner made a workshop on the basic definitions and concepts around sexual orientation and gender identity. Berna Savcı answered the questions of teachers who came across with problems related to LGBT issue.
Guidance Services Should Open a Space for Students
Following a participant telling that he realized the sexuality of one of his students and that the student was taken away from the school after he talked about the student to the parents, a specific emphasis was put on how to approach to families.
Other participants’ sharing experiences on a disabled kid and his assumed sexual orientation and suicide, the impact of the teachers’ attitudes was discussed, too.
During the event, it was underlined that the guidance services should not be a threat against students, rather they should open a space for students.
The training in Urfa was supported by Friedrich Ebert Foundation. 
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