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Mersin 7 Colors Gave Panels at Universities

Monday, May 26, 2014
Activists from Mersin 7 Colors LGBT Association in the southern city of Mersin gave panels at Toros and Mersin universities.
Mersin 7 Colors LGBT continues its struggle against homophobia and transphobia. The association attended panels at universities this month to raise awareness of LGBT issues.
Toros University: Don’t hate LGBTs!
The panel “Don’t hate LGBTs, notice them” organized by the 1st Psychology Days at Toros University on May 7 allowed Mersin 7 Colors LGBT activists to talk with students on LGBT issues.
Chair of the association, Yagmur Arican, gave a presentation on sexual orientation, gender identity and employment. Arican then continued with her own gender reassignment procedure and how she had to leave her job.
Another LGBT activist, Akin K., informed the participants about same-sex orientation and told his own coming out story. Duygu C. told students what bisexuality is and Gizem Ondokuz talked mainly about the association itself and queer theory.  
Mersin University: Is all we need love?
The activists were at a movie screening organized by TMMOB at Mersin University on May 8. Tuna Sahin gave a speech on the LGBT movement in Turkey and the political gains of the movement.
Gizem Ondokuz talked on gender norms while Sonay shared her coming out to her family with the participants.  
The documentary “Attention! Trans at School” was screened in the Faculty of Education at Mersin University on May 12. Following the screening, activists talked about issues like sexual orientation and gender identity, LGBT movement in Turkey and trans men.
After that, Nermin Karasu of the Women’s Commission of the Education and Science Workers’ Union told their work on LGBT issues.
Students showed a big interest in the events with many questions. 
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