Lesbian desire: Let’s increase that ‘shame’

Thursday, March 19, 2015
The contributors of Kaos GL Magazine’s latest issue talked about lesbianism, sexual orientation and sexuality at the 4th International Feminist Forum in Ankara.
Kaos GL Association’s 4th International Feminist Forum invited the contributors of Kaos GL Magazine which had an issue titled “Lesbianism”. The session moderated by Secin Tuncel from Kaos GL Association focused on issues such as woman, body, trans and lesbian experiences, sexuality, fantasies and queer beings.
Kaos GL Magazine editor-in-chief Aylime Asli Demir explained that there were two reasons why she wanted to have an issue on lesbianism: “First of all, when I was talking about harassment, a straight feminist friend of mine said to me ‘oh, you can’t really get it because you are not fully a woman. You are sometimes like a woman and sometimes like a man’. And secondly, in a demo against war, we had this banner “Lesbians against War” which made some women feel ‘ashamed’. They told us that they couldn’t share pictures with our banner so we thought like ‘we should increase that shame’.”
Pelin Kalkan questioned lesbian visibility through her research on media and lesbians: “Does it add to lesbian visibility when the lesbian identity is underlined in news even it is unrelated?”
Ecemen talked about the piece she wrote for the magazine and her lack of a sex life: “If we get stuck with identity politics, feminism becomes like masculinity. Just like men trying to proving their masculinity, we try to prove our lesbianism.”
Seher Kirbas, who wrote a review about the recently translated book “Voices of the Women’s Health Movement, Volume 1”, said: “I realized once again that there is a big hole in the field of women’s health. It is not really questioned whether science is always right. Therefore, we need to show how ideological and subjective science can be.”
Last speaker Gulkan Noir explained that they used a personal narrative in their piece and how they first met their object of desire:
“While talking about lesbians or genderqueer people, I realized that we do not really talk much about hands and what great stuff we do with these dear hands.”
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