Turkish government fails to mention LGBTI rights in election manifesto

Monday, April 20, 2015
The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) announced its election manifesto – the “New Turkey Contract / 2023” – for the June 7 elections. The manifesto which puts a great emphasis on “human dignity” fails to address the dignity of LGBTI citizens.
The New Turkey Contract lists 100 aims of the ruling AKP which includes the establishment of a new constitution, a presidential system and equal citizenship.
“Will the New Turkey Contract protect the dignity of gay and trans citizens, as well?” asks Ali Erol from Kaos GL Association, underlining that President Erdogan has already violated Article 11 of the Contract.
“Article 11 of the Contract states that ‘any citizen of the Republic of Turkey crowned with human dignity cannot be humiliated by any authorities; cannot be discriminated due to their belief, color, gender, language, race, political or philosophical opinion and lifestyle’. However, President Erdogan said [in a speech addressing the Armenian Genocide] ‘We could have deported the ones [Armenians] that are not citizens but we didn’t’ just a week ago, which violates Article 11.”
“The Government fails to fulfill its responsibilities in regards to LGBT citizens”
Erol reminded that the Government did not fulfill its political, cultural and economic responsibilities defined in Article 8 in regards to lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans citizens, and commented on the principle of equal citizenship defined in Article 19:
“When this principle is ignored for LGBT citizens, how can we ever talk about their participation and recognition in a ‘participatory, pluralist, libertarian, democratic and civil constitution’ aimed for the 100th anniversary of the Republic?” 
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