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The Boston Gay Men’s Chorus takes stage at Bogazici University

Friday, June 12, 2015
The Boston Gay Men’s Chorus has completed seeking place for their concert taking place one day before the Pride Parade on June 27th. As a result of the pressure from homophobic media against the concert, Zorlu Performance Art Center closed its doors, instead of it, Boğaziçi University will host the Chorus within the scope of Bogazici University LGBTI Studies Club’s event.
The concert of one of the leading gay bands in the U.S.A in Istanbul will take place on South Campus of Bogazici University on June, 27.
Public concert from the Gay Men’s Chorus
The Boston Gay Men’s Chorus’s Istanbul concert will be open to all and for free. The Boston Gay Men’s Chorus will perform on June, 27 Saturday at 6.30 p.m. The sound system will be operated for people who can’t find a seat in which 1.500 people will participate.
As part of the Chorus Middle East Tour to first Israel, then Turkey, it will be hosted by the efforts of Bogazici University LGBTI Studies Club.
“Freedom will always prevail against pressure from censoring minds”
After Vahdet Newspaper, a well-known producer of hate speech against the LGBTI community had targeted the Chorus, Zorlu Holding and Kaos GL Association in its excerpt titled “Perversion Runs Free,” Bogazici University LGBTI Studies Club has made a press statement saying that their school’s doors are always open to the chorus:
“We wish a future in which everybody can enjoy their sexual orientation and gender identity freely.  Freedom will always prevail against pressure from hateful, discriminating and censoring minds.”
As the final note, Biletix, running for the selling of concert tickets, with the certainty of the cancellation has started to return ticket prices.
Translated by Simge Şirin
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