LGBTI Organizations discuss the internet

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

“Internet People are Meeting” event Kaos GL organized in order to create networks about freedom in internet, ended with LGBTI organization discuss internet forum and network-study groups against censorship.

Gathering over 20 volunteer reporters from 14 cities with New Media School lasted for 4 days in last May, Kaos GL gathered up 26 LGBTI and internet activists from 13 cities for “Internet People are Meeting” event.

How to portray violence?

In the forum that LGBTI organisations discussed internet, subjects like suicide and rape journalism, citizen journalism, significance of social media in organising. Problems on internet environment caused by visualisation of violence and solution offers for these were also the topics discussed.

How to expose the hate speech LGBTI people are generally faced with on internet, exposure procedures, self-censorship LGBTI people are faced with and digital security problems were discussed.

How accurate are the news we get?

The forum was mostly ran through the principles of internet journalism and demands such as accession of LGBTI people to accurate news and their improvement about writing articles and news were uttered. Function and structure of the Reporter Network that was formed at New Media School organized by Kaos GL in May, was mentioned.

The session in which censorship on internet was discussed, a discussion was initiated about the banned sites mentioned on Day 1, precautions taken against this, legal legislation and self-censorship issue of LGBTI people and a discussion was made about what could organisations do in this context.

*This event is supported by Swedish Development Agency (SIDA) as part of “Internet and Sexual Rights” project by APC which is partners with Kaos GL Foundation.

**This event was organized by Pembe Hayat and Kaos GL Foundations as part of the Don’t Hate Me Project, financially funded by European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights.

Translated by Eray Gakçı

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