LGBTI’s asked for internet freedom

Monday, November 30, 2015

“Internet Freedom for LGBTI people” social media protest was made with the call of Kaos GL. Hundreds of Twitter users spoke against censorship on the internet.

Censorship increasing day by day against LGBTI people, organisations and websites on the internet was protested on Twitter. Social media protest was made with the call of Kaos GL on 27 November at 21.00-23.00 under the hashtag of #LGBTİleriçinÖzgürİnternet (InternetfreedomforLGBTIpeople)

Hundreds of Twitter users said #LGBTİleriçinÖzgürİnternet against censorship, prohibitions and barriers to internet access.

As well as LGBTI organisations, many human rights organisations, political constitutions, publishing houses and media organisations such as Human Rights Association, Medical Students of Turkish Medical Association, Union of Public Employees in Healthcare, Alternative Informatics Organisation, Nar Woman Solidarity,Tourism Workers Union, New Democratic Woman, Revolutionary Party, Women of Earth, 5harfliler, cinsomedya, Sancı Art and Culture, Women of Dev-Lis,, direniş and Ayrıntı Publishing supported the protest.

You can see the tweets sent within the scope of the protest via this link.

*This campaign has been supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) under the scope of the “Sexual Rights Project” of which the Kaos GL Association is a member. The “Sexual Rights Project” is run by the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) with partners from India, Indonesia, South Africa and Turkey.

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