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Turkey’s rainbow family documentary to be screened in Baku

Thursday, February 4, 2016

“My Child”, a Turkish documentary telling the stories of parents with LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans) kids, will be screened in Baku on Friday.

Rainbow family documentary “My Child” will meet the audience in Baku on February 5, Friday. The movie which has been screened in many cities in Turkey and abroad alike will be screened for the first time in Azerbaijan.

“I want to meet Isa’s mother”

For the screening of the movie directed by Can Candan, Metehan Ozkan and Gunseli Dum, a parent who also appears in the movie, from LGBT Families Istanbul Group LISTAG will be in Baku.

Talking to about the event organized by the Azad LGBT group with support of the Dutch Embassy, Dum said “Speaking of Azerbaijan, the first thing that comes to my mind is the suicide of Isa Sahmarli, one of the founders of the group, in January 2014”, and added:

“What made me excited when they wanted our movie [to be screened in Baku] was the idea whether we will be able to meet mothers or relatives of LGBT kids and embrace them. I want to meet Isa’s mother and share her sorrow even if it’s late.”

“We would be more than happy if we could contribute to anti-homophobia movement by increasing the [LGBT] visibility in the Azeri society.” stated Dum, who will answer the questions of the audience after the screening.

“The first big LGBT event in Baku”

The Azad LGBT’s Lala Mahmudova gave the following comment to “As the screening will be the first big LGBT event in Azerbaijan, it will certainly result in discussions over LGBT issues. This documentary gives people in Azerbaijan and generally in the world a positive message by showing how families should treat and accept their LGBT kids.”

Emphasizing her belief in the strength the movie will give to the country’s LGBT activism, Mahmudova said “this event invites people to look at LGBT society and their lives from a different perspective.”

You can access the details of the screening, which will start at 7pm local time on Friday, from here.

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