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High school students protested homophobic discrimination

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Liseli Genç Umut, a left-wing community consisting of high school students, made a statement to the press in Antalya Attalos Square in order to take attention to the discrimination against a gay student who was attempted to be expelled from the school by reporting him to police.

According to the news of Antalya Sokakları, high school students in Antalya made a demonstration for another high school student who was reported to police and attempted to get transferred from school due to his sexual orientation.

The protest organized by the call from Liseli Genç Umut was supported some other high school organizations such as Dev-Lis, Dev-Lis Koordinasyonu and Halk-Lis. While mentioning the intimidation policies everywhere in our lives, they emphasized that high school students will always stand against the oppressions. And they added: “We are on the streets with all the colors of life against the darkness!”

 “Time to stand together”

They emphasized the solidarity in their statement:

“We stand against this mentality which tries to assimilate everything out of its norms. This mentality which murdered Hande Kader, caused Eylül Cansın’s suicide and kicked Ayşegül Terzi is now in our schools. Therefore, it is time to stand together.”

They also indicated that the last victim of this mentality is Deniz who was exposed to discrimination in his school. He was exposed to a systematic abuse, and he was forced to leave the school by the school administration and the police force on accounts of the fact that he is gay.

 “Accept LGBTI existence! We are here!”

“This kind of conservative violence is used everywhere to our friends in the schools. But we will not be silence anymore, our voice will not be turned down anymore, we will overstep our limit and shout in the streets! You cannot wipe out LGBTI individuals! We are now going to school roads with our thoughts and resistance in our backpacks.” they said.

After the statement, Deniz told about this unfortunate process and said:

“We want equal, scientific and liberal education, not homophobic one. Although people do not want to accept this, we are everywhere! Accept LGBTI existence, we are here and we will not be quiet!”

*If you would be exposed to any discrimination in your school, you may contact with Kaos GL Education Study Group by sending an email to and to receive legal and social counseling.

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