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Government stopped the activities of child rights organisation Gündem Çocuk!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Activities of Gündem Çocuk Association working on the child rights since 2005 were suspended due to the accusation of “being a threat against national security”.

                                                                      Illustration: Aslı Alpar

Gündem Çocuk collaborating also together with Kaos GL and Pink Life on child rights and sexual orientation, and discrimination based on gender identity has worked towards the goal of spreading and developing global human rights culture by pursuing the acceptance and universalisation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child agreement in society.

Last week activities of 370 associations were suspended by Ministry of Internal Affairs with the accusation of “being a threat against national security”. As one among the 370 associations whose activities have been suspended by the Interior Ministry, Gündem Çocuk’s office in Ankara was locked up and sealed.

Organization listed the activities which would mired down after being sealed as following:

Physical Security Project for Schools, Commercial Sexual Exploitation for Children Final Project, Children's Rights Academy, The Child's Right to Life Report in Turkey, Discrimination Report for Children in Turkey, Summer Academy for Children, Eksi18 Children's Newspaper, Law Clinic work on child abuse, Follow-up of sexual abuse cases where children are victims, Report on Combating Child Labor in Turkey, Following of the trial of killed Lütfullah Tajik, Advisory service for children and their families.

According to a statement from Turkey's Interior Ministry: within the framework of State of Emergency Law 370 associations in 39 provinces were shut down with links to terror groups in order to protect national security and public order. With this statement the Ministry associated a children’s rights organization to ‘terror’.

Children are to keep resistance!

After the closure, LGBTI High-School Initiative made a written statement: “Children will keep resisting!”

The full text of the statement is as following:

“After shutting down of Gündem Çocuk  always standing in solidarity with us through our way which we departed as our child and LGBTI identity, we declare to public and the media that we will continue our struggle from where they have left, we will always stand up against the darkness with our childness, and during our colorful struggle our agenda will always be children and oppressed and ignored societies!”

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