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5th Symposium against Discrimination to take place in Ankara

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The fifth Symposium against Discrimination, which is to be held in dedication to the International Human Rights Day by Kaos GL Association, will take place on 8-10 December in Ankara.

Organized in the field of struggle of LGBTI rights and social rights Symposium against Discrimination, held in 2012 for the first time, is taking place in Ankara with the theme of “Another Social Work is Possible!” this year.

There is a need for “another” social work, which has already been producing information and service models on the basis of social justice and human rights, that includes the production of both information and service models for LGBTIs as well. There is also a serious need for acceleration of the works on this field with a new social work approach which would both decrease the inequalities of sexual orintation and gender identity, and intervene in the problems LGBTIs facing directly.

Symposium against Discrimination organized during the “Human Rights Week” will be held on 8-10 December in Ankara.

"How can social policies be built for LGBTIs? How are LGBTs included in Social Service Policies? How will we work with LGBTI clients in social work practices?” We will try to find answers to those questions with social workers from Turkey, Canada, Italy, UK, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

With the participation of social work academicians and social work experts Symposium against Discrimination will be held in the hall of Tuğrul Çubukçu, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Hacettepe University, 8-9 December 2016. On 10th of December it will continue with the workshops in Neva Palas Hotel.

Kaos GL announces the full program:

8 December 2016, Thursday

Location: Hacettepe University - Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences , Tuğrul Çubukçu Conference  Room, Beytepe

11:00-12:30, Opening Conference 

Social Work and Sexuality Discussions, Hans Knutagard

Moderator: Sema Buz

12:30 -13:30, Lunch Break


Responsibilities of Social Work for LGBTIs, Nick Mule

Moderator: Özlem Cankurtaran

15:30-16:30, Social Work Rainbow Forum

Meetings with LGBTIs on Social Work Fields

Özge Arslan, Burcu Yamaner, Erkan Yıldırım, Zeynep Yıldırım, Eren Köse, Tarık Şimşek, Esra Aynacı, Murat Özbek

Moderator: Sema Buz 

9 December 2016, Friday

Location: Hacettepe University - Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences , Tuğrul Çubukçu Conference  Room, Beytepe

11:00-12:30, Social Work with LGBTIs, Country-Level Experiences -1

Moderator: Dragana Todorovic/ ERA


Marsida Cela/ Albania LGBTI Shelter, Albania

Marija Vuletić/ CURE, Bosnia Herzegovina

Nothdurfter Urban, Italy

13:30-15:00, Social Work with LGBTIs, Country-Level Experiences -2

Moderator: Sedat Yağcıoğlu


Biljana Ginova/ LGBTI Support Center, Macedonia

Ivana Vujovic / Juventas, Montenegro

Kristian Randejlovic / Trans and Intersex Services, Serbia

10 December 2016, Saturday

Location: NEVA Palas Hotel, Esat Street, No: 32, Küçükesat – Ankara

First-round Workshops


Gay and bisexual men raped by men: an invisible group in social work / Hans Knutagard
Özge Sanem Özateş Gelmez

Social Work with LGBTI refugees / Hayriye Kara (Kaos GL)

Gizem Yıldırım (SHU-Der, Board Member of Ankara Branch)

Second-round Workshops


Social Work for Lesbian and Bi-sexual women/  Marija Vuletic and Biljana Ginova

Burcu Yamaner, SHU-Der, Board Member of İstanbul Branch

Social Work and HIV/ Yasin Erkaymaz and Hasan Atik

Third-round Workshops


Social Work on Disability, LGBTI and Refugee Children + Documentary/ Tess Vo

Aslıhan Aykara

Trans and Intersex Services / Kristian Randejlovic

With participation of the activists from  Interseksüel ŞaLaLa

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