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Group that targeted LGBTI’s in Ankara indicted for Al-Qaeda membership

Monday, January 30, 2017

An indictment about five people from Genç İslami Müdafaa (Young Islamic Defense), who made the “tribe of Lut” banners on the streets of Ankara and made a massacre call to LGBTIs, were now filed for a notice letter from 2016. Those five suspects were asked for at least 7.5 years’ up to 15 years' imprisonment. Previously, the criminal proclamation of Kaos GL and Pembe Hayat to the group had been rejected.

An indictment about Genç İslami Müdafaa (Young Islamic Defense) group hanging banners “If you see someone engaged in the dirty business of the tribe of Lut, kill the doer and the done both” on Ankara streets in 2015 are filed.

Following the banners, Kaos GL’s and Pembe Hayat’s request for internet provider to receive punishment for provoking people to commit crime and inciting people to grudge and hostility has been refused by Ankara Public Prosecutor's Office Computer Crimes Bureau by saying "we cannot detect".

According to the news of Hürriyet Newspaper, five suspects who were detained as a part of the investigation began with a notice letter from 2016 are on trial for membership in Al Qaeda. The suspects were asked for at least 7.5 years’ up to 15 years' imprisonment for the membership indictment.

What had happened?

Participants of the 13th LGBTI Pride March had been exposed to police attack; thereupon, the AKP government announced the participants, about whom they had talked proudly in their election posters, as ‘immoral’ and instigated hatred in media.

A group, naming themselves as “Young Islamic Defense”, had started to hang posters in Ankara streets stating, “If you see someone making duty of the people of Lut, kill both the perpetrator and the complement.”

Proposing that Muslim people should not silence about this issue; the group has defended massacre call on their website: “In the name of showing that Islam does not absolutely allow this situation, we have shared this hadith, mentioned also in Tirmizi and Ebu Davud, if you see someone making duty of the people of Lut, kill both the perpetrator and the complement!”

“We cannot detect the banners” said in the decision!

The demand of Kaos GL and Pembe Hayat to shut down two websites calling for massacre and spread hate speech has been turned down by the Chief Prosecution.

It was also decided that there is no need to prosecution for criminal complaint of LGBTI associations. “We cannot detect the banners” said in the decision, and the ground for the rejection is that the banners and publications calling for massacre are not included in catalogue crimes.

What’s said in the indictment?

According to the indictment prepared by prosecutor Velihattin Eldemir, it is indicated that homosexuals were targeted on social media and hung posters on the streets. According to the indictment, this group has supported associations in Ankara that are in contact with groups in war zones organizing aid campaigns for Syria and protests. “It has been determined that the group has distributed texts, posters, and brochures in various areas of Ankara and have shared pro-Nusra Front [now Jabhat Fateh al-Sham] posts on social media,” the indictment says.

The suspects Ersin Miraç K., Umut Ömer B., Adem D., Muhammed K., and  Muhammed Erer Ö detained after the operation were detected that they have shared pro-Nusra Front posts on social media.

It is indicated in the indictment that Ersin Miraç K. were found to have gone to the conflict zone in Syria in 2016, Ersin Miraç K. and Umut Ömer B. have been sued by the Ankara 4th High Criminal Court on charges of 'becoming a member of the armed terrorist organization', and about Muhammed K. another investigation continues by Ankara Prosecutor 's Office on charges of ‘membership of a terrorist organization'. By linking the actions of the suspects to the case at the Ankara 4th High Criminal Court, it is demanded that both files should be combined and the suspects should be punished from 7.5 to 15 years of imprisonment on charges of 'joining the armed terrorist organization' of the suspects. 

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