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Deportation of Iranian refugees was suspended temporarily

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

In refugee satellite city Denizli, deportation of two refugee women, one of whom is transgender woman, was temporarily suspended.


On 18th April night, two Iranian refugee women was detained on the grounds that they have worked without permission, and they were attempted to be deported without any deportation judgement pronounced to them or their lawyers. Afterwards thanks to the efforts of lawyers, Iranian LGBTI refugees and organizations and activists working on refugee rights, the deportation was suspended on 21th April.

The refugees who had been waiting to be sent to Iran in refugee satellite city Denizli Kınıklı Police Station since the evening of 18th April were not allowed to meet with their lawyers on the grounds that they did not have the power of attorney. The refugees were taken to the Silivri Repatriation Center on April 20th without their lawyers being informed. The authorities of the Denizli Provincial Immigration Authority rejected the request of lawyers to obtain information by saying "you do not have the power of attorney".

Constitutional Court application was approved

About the deportation judgement, Lawyers Tezcan Çakmak, Hayriye Kara, Rıza Yalçın Koçak and Levent Pişkin have requested injunction to ECHR on behalf of transgender refugee on 20th April. With regards to the application, ECHR requested the deportation judgement if available and the related documents of the Constitutional Court (CC) application. After the documents are delivered, the application will be evaluated as they stated.

Additionaly, lawyer of the trans refugee, Gamze Saymak, has requested injunction to CC on behalf of transgender refugee on 21th April. The decision of the Court on 20th April stipulated that the information and documents needed to assess whether there was a serious danger to the life or material or spiritual integrity of the applicant, and it is decided to temporarily suspend the trans-refugee's deportation to Iran on the grounds that it would end with irreparable results in case of the deportation in the investigation process.

Lawyer Gamze Saymak told the process to as follow:

“Even if we told that we are assigned by the Bar, Provincial Immigration Authorities did not give any information and document, and did also not allow us to view the case file on the grounds that we do not have power of attorney. They even did not want to take the documents of our requests to the Court and the case file of the lawsuit against Denizli Provincial Immigration Authority. After an extreme effort, we could hand the documents.”

“The Court approved the injunction request. As soon as we have got the judgement, we wanted to transfer it to the police officers in Kınıklı Police Station, but they refused to take the documents on the grounds that they do not have the authority.”

Translation: Damla Umut Uzun

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