Speciesism is opened to discussion in Kaos GL Magazine

Monday, December 4, 2017

Kaos GL Magazine’s first issue of the new year will be published with the theme of “Speciesism”. We are waiting for your contributions to by December 10th.

İllüstrasyon: Jiaqi He

Kaos GL Magazine’s January-February 2018 issue will be published with the theme of “Speciesism”. In the 158th volume, the Magazine published regularly since 1994 will focus on the relation between speciesism and heterosexism, vegan experiences, speciesism discussions within LGBTI+ movement and animal liberation struggle.

Call for this issue is as follows:

The concept of “speciesism” brought up by Richard Ryder in 1970’s can be summarized as the claim of “human superiority” legitimizing the exploitation and discrimination of non-human beings.

Speciesism stands as a whole ideology-discourse that shapes the system in every moment of the life and death. Even the dead bodies of non-human beings are defined by a different language than humans. Being an "animal" itself is used as an insult in both the discourse and the physical level. “De-humanization” takes its power from speciesism and cooperates with other discriminatory ideologies.

So how does speciesism cooperate with heterosexism? What is the background legitimizing the exploitation of animals? How does animal exploitation relate with the hate ideologies that are homophobia, biphobia and transphobia? Are there impassable distinctions between species, as claimed by science and various systems of thought? What is the relation between the compulsory heterosexuality and “compulsory carnivorousness”?  Can a relationship be established between discourses regulating the sexual identity and the discourses regulating the identity of the nutrition? What does Dolly, the child of none of the species, an orphan as well as the mother of itself, tell to us about “post-humanity” while transcending the binary genders of the patriarchal kinship system?

In our new issue, we will seek for the answers of all these questions and more, and we are waiting for your contributions to until December 10th.

Translated by:  Damla Umut Uzun


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