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65% of LGBTIs working in the private sector face discrimination in Turkey!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

According to Kaos GL’s research, 65% of LGBTIs working in the private sector face discrimination in Turkey or they are closeted to prevent discrimination.

Kaos GL Association published, “Situation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Employees in Private Sector in Turkey 2017 Research”.

According to research, only 17 of 100 employees are completely open in their workplace. This ratio was 22% and 28% respectively in 2015 and 2016.  44% of employees are completely closeted in their workplaces while 39% of employees are partially open about their sexual identity. This partial disclosure may “often” be towards close colleagues or LGBTI workers but not towards the management or employers.

Research focuses on discrimination with these words:

“To summarize, 65% of our participants either were discriminated or were closeted to prevent discrimination. Therefore, we consider that we cannot acquire results that can demonstrate the discrimination experiences fully since many LGBTI employees participate in work life either by hiding their sexual identity and/or by making extra effort for being hidden.”

Excerpts from participants

Excerpts from the participants who experienced discrimination at workplace are as follows:

“I am exposed to serious mobbing because I could not hide my identity. I am feminine.

After mobbing, everything has got harder for me.” (a gay who works as a service staff in entertainment sector)

“They are ridiculing with me; taking my speech style like a pouf.” (a bisexual trans man who works as a service staff in education sector)

“Mockery, exclusion and abuse.” (a heterosexual trans woman who works as a service

staff in aviation/transportation sector)

“I have to hide my transgender identity at work; is there a worse discrimination? When someone happens to spot me, it is always a matter of pressure and threat.” (a heterosexual trans man who works as a service staff in informatics sector)

“I hide my sexual identity and act especially casual and ordinarily. Even so, there were people who questioned me and ridiculed me either by implying or abusing. From time to time, they were asking: ‘Are you one of them?’”. (a bisexual man who works as a specialist in banking/finance sector)

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