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Lawn sprinklers and fertilizer barrier to the METU Pride events!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

METU Pride Week has started despite the restrictions of the Ankara Governorate and the university authorities.

METU (Middle East Technical University) LGBTI+ Solidarity student group which was proclaimed "not authorized" by the Ankara Governorate and the university authorities with reference to general LGBTI+ prohibitions, has begun 2nd Annual Pride Week events with "Painting the Rainbow" event.

The first event of the Pride Week was painting a banner at the lawn of the Physics Amphitheatre at the campus. Students who gathered around at the lawn to paint the lines of Adnan Yücel which is “Till the face of the Earth becomes the face of love” encountered with special security officers.

“Will the lawn sprinklers at the Devrim Stadium be turned on too?”

METU LGBTİ+ Solidarity student group narrated the scene they had witnessed before the beginning of the event to by saying “We saw police officers waiting at the 2 main gates of the METU campus. Also the lawn sprinklers at the lawn where we were going to paint the banner were turned on. Tonight we are going to have a Queer Salsa Event at the Devrim/Revolution Stadium. We are wondering if they will turn on the lawn sprinklers there, too.”

"Devrim Stadium was closed under the pretext of spreading fertilizer"

The METU LGBTI+ Solidarity activists who stated to have painted the rainbow banner, despite the special security officers waiting around the area, have also announced "We have learned that the stadium in which we were planning to carry out 'Queer Salsa’ event was closed by the pretext of spreading fertilizer. Because of this, we will be carrying out the Queer Salsa event at the lawn right next to the stadium."

The 2nd METU Pride Week events which are organized by METU LGBTI+ Solidarity continues with Queer Salsa and other events.

To see all the events, you can click here.

Translation: METU LGBTI+ Solidarity Student Group

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