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Flyers with hate speech in three cities of Turkey

Monday, July 23, 2018

After the flyers including hate speech against LGBTIs were disseminated on the streets and post boxes by unknown people in Ankara and İzmir last week, now leaflets written “homosexual danger” were disseminated in the same way in Osmaniye, Turkey.

Last week, leaflets and flyers written “No homosexuality and no homosexual organizations” were found on the streets and post boxes in some central districts of Turkey's capital Ankara. In the meantime, some unknown people distributed leaflets written “homosexuality is disgusting and it can be wiped out with persuasion” to the people sitting in seaside of Kordon where is one of most popular centers of İzmir.

Lately in Osmaniye located in the Southern part of Turkey, similar leaflets written “homosexual danger”, “homosexuality is a sin according to Quran”, “Family and generations are deteriorated by homosexuality, and our moral system is tried to be destroyed” were disseminated on the streets randomly and in the post boxes of the houses near the university.

“Homophobia is promoted”

Eray Deniz living in Osmaniye told his worries about the leaflets including hate speech and targeting LGBTIs to

“These are so dangerous for us as LGBTIs. They are promoting homophobia. I am even afraid of walking on the streets. This is humiliating and unacceptable! We will track on this.”

Deniz also told that similar leaflets including hate speech were also distributed in the other cities around Osmaniye such as Iskenderun, Adana and Antakya.

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