Pro-government newspaper Akit targeted SPoD

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Pro-government and conservative newspaper Yeni Akit’s columnist Faruk Arslan targeted SPoD through open budget reports of the association.

One of the columnists of Yeni Akit Newspaper, Faruk Arslan, targeted Social Policies, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation Studies Association (SPoD) in his column published on 31th of August.

Compiling the information of the resources and donors from the budget reports of the association published openly in SPoD’s official website, Arslan implied that the association has been spreading ‘immoral acts’ across the country with the help of international actors.

In the column, he promoted discrimination against both LGBTI+s and the association by using such expressions “homosexual perversion”, “pervert activities”, “Crusader resources”, “the people of Lut”, etc.

Non-stop hate

The day after this news, the newspaper targeted SPoD again with the title: “US Embassy load the perverts with dollars”. Showing the open budget reports published in the association’s website, the newspaper wrote: “The biggest support for perverts is from US, German Foundations, Sweeden and Netherlands.”

Underlining the association’s work with Syrian LGBTI+ refugees, they said that the “pervert activities spread the country like virus”.

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