Kaos GL Magazine’s next issue: Right-wing populism

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Kaos GL Magazine opens up the opportunities of queer politics against right-wing populism to discussion in the next issue. Deadline for the contributions is October 10.

Photo: 8th Pride March in Middle East Technical University which could be held in spite of the bans

Kaos GL Magazine will turn its focus on 'right-wing' populism on the issue of November-December. Published since 1994, 163th issue of the Magazine will discuss the opportunities of queer politics against right-wing populism.

You may find the call for papers as follows:

“Right-wing populism has been rising since the neoliberal crisis started or - more specifically to say– since the impacts of 2008 crisis and Syria civil war started to affect the entire world. Charismatic leaders recently emerging one after another has a lot in common for sure. They all hate the organizational structures such as national or international civil society organizations, international alliances, unions, oppositional political parties – or even their political parties sometimes.”  

“We face with this hate every time with the discourse of ‘internal and external enemies’ which is always ready to pop-up somewhere. When we may consider the strengthening of LGBTI+ movement in Turkey specifically, we may say that the reasons are the institutionalization and international alliances; therefore, in such a populist environment we may also say that these are all at risk. In this context, the struggle seems to have entered a difficult phase.”

“Together with the boost of traditional family ideals caused by the recent political developments, such ways of policy making continue bringing homophobic and anti-feminist agendas. In this volume, we would like to address the concerns of LGBTI+ and feminist movements and what are those ways of right-wing populist policy making, and to consider the alternative opportunities of queer policy making.”  

You can send your contributions until 10th of October via

Translation: Damla Umut Uzun

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