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International Conference on Gender and Law has started

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

International Conference on Gender and Law has started with a keen participation of lawyers, intern lawyers and LGBTI+ human rights defenders today in İzmir.

International Conference on Gender and Law which will be taken place in 17-19 October in İzmir started with the opening speech of Lawyer and President of Kaos GL Board Yasemin Öz. Struggling for LGBTI+ human rights in Kaos GL since its establishment, Öz started her speech by telling Kaos GL’s purpose of establishment and how they built such strong movement altogether as a few activists. Then, she mentioned the importance of law in this struggle:

“For any organization working in the field of human rights, law is a very important field. But we know that law is never objective, but ideological. Therefore, for many people seeking justice, laws are mostly obstacles and disappointment, because laws are regulated by politicians and the content of laws are determined by political approaches. In this respect, policy-making to be regulated the laws is inevitable for human rights struggle.”

After mentioning about the important judicial cases that Kaos GL was involved and general jurisprudence related to sexual orientation and gender identity, Öz ended her speech as:

“Since the beginning, Kaos GL demands that sexual orientation and gender identity must be included in the law regulating equality in the constitution and that all rights including education, health, housing, employment must be ensured for LGBTI+s. Unfortunately, our demand has not been accepted since then. Furthermore, after we requested our demands, some authorities said “it could happen next century maybe”. We will not see the next century, we are here right now and we demand our rights now! It is not a gift from your side and we're not going to get permission from anyone to exist.”

This activity is organised  within the scope of Awareness and Advocacy for Human Rights of LGBTIs Project which is supported by the EU. This does not mean that content of the conference reflects the EU's official views.

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