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What is the impact of multi-discrimination on legal procedures?

Thursday, October 18, 2018

In the third session of the International Conference on Gender and Law, the impacts of multi-discrimination on legal procedures has been discussed.

Thir session of International Conference on Gender and Law organized by Kaos GL Association was on the impact of multi-discrimination on legal procedures. In the moderation of Senem Doğanoğlu from Ankara Bar Association, Tekin Tutar from Pozitif-İz Association, Jelena Čolaković from Juventas Association in Montenegro, Lawyer Özlem Kara from Associaton of Women with Disabilities and Lawyer Eda Bekçi from Mülteci-Der participated as speakers.

“In order to identify multi-discrimination, all dimensions of the case need to be taken into account”

Jelena Čolaković from Juventus an LGBTI+ organization in Montenegro told about the general situation in terms of multi-discrimination that LGBTI+s exposed to in her country. Indicating that multi-discrimination has been prohibited in Montenegro, Jolakovic told that related law also include the sub-categories of discrimination such as age, marital and economic status, sexual orientation and gender identity, ethnic identity and religion.

After the amendment of law in 2014, Jolakovic told that discriminations has started to be reported. However, stating that in spite of the law multi-dicrimination is overlooked most of the time: “While the law was implemented, both we and the implementors had overlooked the multi-discrimination. People exposed to discrimination had also not identified themselves as the victim of multi-discrimination”

Jolakovic ended her speech with different cases indicating the multi-discrimination in Montenegro.

“HIV is a human rights issue”

In the beginning of his speech, Tekin Tutar from Pozitif-İz Association which mainly works on rights of the people living with HIV+/ AIDS told about the difference between HIV and AIDS. Then, he told about the treatment ways and misinformation in the society which leads people to have prejudices on the situation. Emphasizing how prejudices of people causes bad results as stigma for people living with HIV and cause vital results, Tutar gave examples from the data collected from the researches conducted on  the issue.

“Multi-discrimination affects the lives of women with disabilities”

Lawyer Özlem Kara from ENG-KAD started her speech how discrimination that women with disabilities faced with is invisible as a problem. Kara continued:

“In our society, discrimination that women with disabilities is invisible, and in the studies/ researched conducted on the issue gender perspective is missing. Therefore, women with disabilities are exposed to multi-discrimination.”

Indicating that Turkey has signed any international contracts preventing the discrimination against women with disabilities, she told that in practice they do not implement it. She also emphasized that women disabilities, most of the time, cannot access the right to education, so they cannot be employed and have their economic freedom at all; therefore this affect the whole life of them.

“Deportation risk of LGBTI+ refugees prevents their struggle of human rights”

Lasltly, Lawyer Eda Bekçi from Mülteci-Der which works for human rights of refugees took the stage to talk about the multi-discrimination that LGBTI+ refugees have faced with. Bekçi started her speech by talking about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Bekçi told that LGBTI+ refugees escaping from their country to Turkey have faced with the similar discrimination with LGBTI+s from Turkey:

“LGBTI+s from Turkey and LGBTI+ refugees living in Turkey are exposed almost the same kind of discrimination. But there is one huge difference that LGBTI+ refugees are at risk of deportation.”

This activity is organised within the scope of Awareness and Advocacy for Human Rights of LGBTIs Project which is supported by the EU. This does not mean that content of the conference reflects the EU's official views.

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