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“Our anger is a justified one”

Sunday, October 21, 2018

“Traumas triggered by the curiosity of lawyers can cause new injuries.”

In the second day (18th October) of International Conference on Gender and Law, lawyers and LGBTI+ activists discussed the relation between LGBTI+ clients and lawyers.

With the moderation of Murat Köylü from Kaos GL, lawyer Kerem Dikmen and senior psychologist Dünya Polat discussed the effects of discrimination.

Kerem Dikmen, lawyer from Kaos GL remarked that attitudes of lawyers may deepen the client’s traumas. “Traumas triggered by the curiosity of lawyers can cause new injuries”, he said.

Senior Psychologist Dünya Polat also emphasized the role of professionals. “Exposure to violence and discriminatory attitudes harms the individual's mental health and the development of a healthy self-identification. It is necessary to know what stigmatized attitudes lead to. Our anger is a justified one. The aggression of the victims is a justified rage. Therefore, this anger towards you during the interview is justified”, she said.

This activity is organised within the scope of Awareness and Advocacy for Human Rights of LGBTIs Project which is supported by the EU. This does not mean that content of the conference reflects the EU's official views.

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