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Kaos GL started menstrual leave policy

Friday, March 1, 2019

Kaos GL Association has started to implement menstrual leave policy covering 2-day paid leave for their staff on period as of March.

Kaos GL Association has started to implement 2-day-paid menstrual leave policy as of March. The new leave policy aims to mainstream gender equality and diversity within the association. asked about the preparation process to related staff member Finance Coordinator Aysel Ergün.

Underlining Kaos GL’s gender equality and diversity works through public sector and civil society, Aysel Ergün told that Kaos GL as a rights-based association also seek for good practices to ensure gender equality within the association.

Addressing Kaos GL Association Policy Paper regarding Administrational Standards for Human Resources and Administrational Methods, Ergün reminded the first sentence of the policy paper:

“As an inseparable part of struggle against homophobia and discrimination and human rights movement, Kaos GL Association adopts the principle of respecting, protecting and promoting human rights not only in its campaigns and works, but also in terms of daily functioning of the association and internal communication.”

“In order to achieve the best practices, we try to keep this policy paper live with regards to current conditions, and try to update it in accordance with new needs. As Kaos GL Association, while giving importance to set a human resource standard pursuing the rights, peace and welfare of the staff members, we also ground on objective, coherent, inclusive and non-discriminative standards.

“In order to ensure gender equality and diversity within the association, Kaos GL has been working on its internal policies. While researching national and international good practices on the issue, we try to reflect these administrative policies into our own policy.”

Departing from right to the parental leave, health leave, overtime work, or holidays for some important dates such as 8th of March, 25th of November, 1th of May or 17th of May, Ergün said that we realized how difficult it could be to work during period days; therefore, they decided to work to ensure this as internal rights for the staff members.

Wishing for this implementation would inspire other organizations, Ergün said:

“We hope that these steps that we took to mainstream gender equality within the association would be good examples for other organizations.”

Translation: Damla Umut Uzun

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