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The blanket ‘state of emergency’ ban on LGBTI+ events in Ankara has been lifted

Friday, April 19, 2019

Regional Administrative Court has lifted the ban declared on November 2017 by Ankara Governorate relying on state of emergency decree law: “The ban is indefinite and ambiguous. Safety and security of the events must be ensured rather than banning them.” Judicial process on the second ban decision after state of emergency still continues.

Regarding Kaos GL’s request of appeal, Ankara 12th Regional Administrative Court considered the indefinite ban decision of Ankara Governorate on LGBTI+ events declared relying on state of emergency law.

Security must be ensured instead of the ban

The Regional Administrative Court stated that the ban declared in the state of emergency was indefinite and there was no restriction and certainty regarding the nature of the prohibited actions. Stating that law enforcement measures should be taken instead of prohibiting it if there is a threat to the activities, the court ruled that the ban is unlawful. Lastly, the court has decided to lift the ban.

Judicial process regarding the ban decision on October 2018 continues

Although state of emergency is over, Ankara Governorate has sent a second ban to police department in 3rd October 2018. Kaos GL brought the ban to trial. Ankara 2nd Administrative Court rejected the application on the grounds that “there would be no legal results for the applicant association and the ban do not violate the rights and interests of the association”. Later on, Kaos GL requested an appeal of this rejection. Currently, judicial process regarding this ban still continues.

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