Ankara: Women took streets for March 8 despite governorate ban

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Women in the Turkish capital took the streets for International Women’s Day despite the governorate ban and police. Lesbian, bisexual, trans and intersex women marched with a banner that read “Our Bodies Know No Boundaries”.

Following the Ankara Women’s Platform’s announcement that the daytime demonstration for International Women’s Day would take place on March 6, the Ankara Governorate banned it due to “security reasons”.

The police told women who met in the Kolej Square that the demonstration is not “legal” and that they will “intervene” unless women are disbanded.

After the Platform’s negotiation with the police forces, the demonstration was allowed on the condition that the traffic is not blocked.

After a call by the Kaos GL and Pink Life Associations together with high school group Liseli LGBTI, a banner that read “Our Bodies Know No Boundaries” became the meeting point for lesbian, bisexual, trans and intersex women.

The head of trans self-organization Pink Life Association, Buse Kilickaya, took the March 8 stage and said: “Going through a period of persecution when exile, violence, oppression, war and killings become more common, we march and shout out together to break the walls we built between each other and around ourselves in our everyday lives, and to be liberated.”

The Feminist Night Action in Ankara will start at 8 pm local time this evening at Yuksel Street in Kizilay.

Photo credit: Gulistan Aydogdu


Ankara - March 8 demonstration in 2016

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