Red card to borders: Solidarity match with LGBTI refugees

Saturday, June 3, 2017

LGBTI refugees in Denizli showed red card to borders during the solidarity football match refereed by Halil İbrahim Dinçdağ.

Kaos GL working for the rights of LGBTI refugees since 2007 under the Human Rights Program organized a football match for solidarity with Iranian LGBTI refugees in Denizli on May 26.

Disqualified from refereeing due to being gay, Halil İbrahim Dinçdağ who won the lawsuit for material and non-material damages against the Turkey Football Association officiated the football match.

Before the match where there were no scorekeeping, the banners prepared in the workhop hanged on the football field. During the match in the field full of rainbow flags, auidences shouted slogans against homophobia and transphobia in Turkish and Farsi.

After match, the teams consisting of LGBTI refugees, Kaos GL staff and members of Denizli LGBTI Families went to dinner together.

Translation: Damla Umut Uzun


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