“We will march for a better world under the rainbow”

Thursday, June 7, 2018

6th İzmir Pride March will take place on June 10.

İzmir Pride March will be held on 10th of June this year. Call for the Pride March which will take place 6th time this year is announced on their Facebook page:

“We will not walk alone, but together”.

“Do not be ashamed if you are non-conforming with the gender norms or if you do not desire what is expected from you! You are not guilty, but the ones who hates you are guilty! Don’t be afraid, you are not alone! We will march against the fear today! March against violence, hate and discrimination, and we will destroy them! We will march for a better world under the rainbow!” said in the call. 

“6th İzmir Pride March will start at 18:00 in front of Alsancak ÖSYM building on 10th of June 2018. For more info, you can contact us via

Banner and placards will be prepared today

Banners and placards to be carried during the Pride March will be prepared during a workshop today. The workshop will take place at 18.30 in Alsancak – Antre.

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