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Transphobic regulation of Ege University has been cancelled

Friday, March 1, 2019

The regulation that had been used as a ground to reject trans people’s diploma change demands has been cancelled.

Transman A. applied İzmir Ege University Communications Faculty to change his diploma in accordance with his new ID information. However, the University rejected the demand by grounding it to diploma change regulation. Then A. has started a judicial process.

A. and Lawyer Kerem Dikmen has brought the case to İzmir Administrational Court. The court has ruled that names written on diploma and transcript shall be changed as well as the regulation showed as a ground for the rejection shall be cancelled.

University administration appealed the decision. Then Regional Administrational Court has rejected the appeal and ruled that the judgement of the first instance court is legal. At the end, Ege University did not appeal the judgement to State Council; therefore, the cancellation of the regulation has become definite.

In the regulation before change, it was written “The information in the diploma and temporary graduation certificate is based on the date of graduation and is not changed afterwards”. The court has cancelled the sentence “… and is not changed afterwards”.

“Legal achievement and a decision that could set an example for future cases”

Lawyer Kerem Dikmen has told about the decision:

“We can talk about a certain legal achievement. From now on any transgender person graduated from Ege University can demand for name change in their diploma and transripts without applying any court. The decision is a legal achievement and could set an example for other similar cases in administrational courts. It is not jurisprudence yet, but could be an example.”

Translation: Damla Umut Uzun

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