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LGBTI+ Human Rights Report has been published

Monday, July 8, 2019

According to Kaos GL’s “LGBTI+ Human Rights Report”, negative implementations and treatment towards LGBTI+s has remained serious. 

Kaos GL Association has just published LGBTI+ Human Rights Report of 2018. In the publication prepared by Lawyer Yasemin Öz, human rights violations and implementations preventing LGBTI+s to access their rights and freedoms have been reported.

Hate crimes, torture and ill-treatment, freedom of expression, and so on

In the report, there are written 89 cases on LGBTI+ human rights violations. Analyzing the cases in terms of the categories of rights, we may see following cases: 4 cases on hate motivated murder; 10 hate crime cases; 23 hate speech cases; 6 cases on torture and ill treatment;3 cases on violation of individual freedom and security; 1 case on violation of privacy;5 cases on freedom of expression; 4 cases on freedom of assembly and demonstration; 5 cases on discrimination in workplace; 3 cases on discrimination in education; 3 cases on discrimination in health care services; 1 cases on right of housing; 4 cases on access to goods and services; 4 cases of LGBTI+ prisoners; and 3 cases on LGBTI+ refugees.

General situation has been overviewed in the report as follows:

“When we analyze the cases in the current report, it can be seen that negative treatments and implementations towards LGBTI+s has remained serious. Another outcome of the report is that visibility of human rights violations against LGBTI+s has increased and legal action processes against violations have also increased. 2017 and 2018 are the periods when violations and implementations that has ever happened before such as indefinite bans on LGBTI+ events in Ankara has occurred for the first time. In spite of increasing visibility of the violations as well as increasing court cases against violations, positive results/ decisions from judiciary against prevention of the violations is still quite limited.”   

Click here for the report in Turkish.

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