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Two trans women were attacked in Istanbul on the night of May 28, 2015. Transphobic hate attacks reached 7 only in May!

7 transphobic hate attacks in Istanbul in May! Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+
Two trans women were attacked in Istanbul on the night of May 28, 2015. Transphobic hate attacks in Istanbul reached 7 only in May!
Afet, from Şişli at the hospital
A trans woman, Afet, was hit with a stick in Şişli, Istanbul on the night of May 28, 2015. Another trans woman, Asya, was hit with a beer bottle in Fındıklızade, İstanbul.
Transphobic hate attacks have been increasing lately, reaching 7 only in May. In the past few days, 2 more trans women were assaulted while a statement regarding transphobic hate attacks was being made in İstanbul.
Here are other transphobic hate attacks occurred in May: 
May 2: Şişli, İstanbul
In Istanbul’s Şişli district, a woman named Gülşen was found stabbed in her home. Two men who were previously her clients came to her home and attacked her with a knife and a skewer.
The same night, another trans sex worker woman was shot and brought to the same hospital.
LGBTI organizations, trans women and LGBTI community protested and condemned the attacks against trans people in İstanbul, İzmir and Ankara.
Kaos GL and Pink Life: Stop transphobic attacks!
May 12: Fındıkzade and Bağdat Boulevard
On Tuesday, 12 May 2015, 2 trans women sex workers were attacked in different districts in Istanbul.
Migel, a trans woman sex worker living in Fındıkzade, was attacked in her own apartment by a group of men. She was brutally injured with deep cuts on several parts of her body.
She was brought to Sisli Etfal Hospital by her friends. The attackers were caught after statements to the police and prosecutor’s office.
The same night, Işıl, another trans woman sex worker in Bağdat Boulevard, was attacked by a group of 5 men. She was assaulted and her jaw was broken.
May 23: Tarlabaşı
Eylül, a trans sex worker, was about to be extorted by her 2 clients in a cab. She was attached with a knife and her large bowel was perforated. 

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