27/02/2023 | Writer: Selma Koçak

Amnesty International released a statement regarding human rights after the earthquake and urged the authorities in Turkey not to discriminate against LGBTI+s in the provision of aid and hold accountable any person who discriminate against them.

Amnesty International: LGBTI+s should not be exposed to discrimination in the provision of aid for the earthquake Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Amnesty International released a statement regarding their concerns about human rights and reminding the authorities their responsibilities, after the earthquake. It is emphasized that human rights must be protected under all circumstances within the statement's scope.

“The provision of aid must be implied without discrimination”

Reminding that there shouldn’t be any discrimination regardless of circumstances, International Amnesty said:

“Women, children, displaced people, older people, people with disabilities, LGBTI+ people, ethnic and racial minorities, and other marginalized groups often face compounded challenges in crises, including natural disasters, and require special protection against discrimination and racist attacks and abuse. The provision of aid in dire situations of natural disaster must be applied without discrimination of any kind, including on the basis of nationality, ethnicity, religion, migration status, and political views.”

“LGBTI+s have refrained from attempting to access aid for concerns about their safety”

The statement of the Amnesty International incudes numerous titles from non-discrimination to right to life; from arbitrary detention to treatment of refugees and migrants, and the ban on torture.

One of these titles is on LGBTI+ rights. Reminding that LGBTI+s have endured harassment, physical assault, and other rights abuses in for many years, Amnesty International said: “In the aftermath of the earthquakes, many LGBTQI+ people have refrained from attempting to access shelter, medical care or other aid for fear of reprisals and concerns about their safety. State authorities and civic volunteers have prioritized ‘traditional’ families in providing transportation to access aid and services.”

Call to the authorities: Don’t discriminate, and hold accountable any person who attacks

Stating that they are monitoring reports of physical assaults on LGBTI+s, and access to economic and social rights, including adequate housing and access to employment, Amnesty International urged the authorities not to discriminate:

“The Turkish authorities must not discriminate against LGBTQI+ people in the provision of aid, refrain from rhetoric or other action that targets or scapegoats LGBTQI+ people, and hold accountable any person who discriminates against, levels hate speech at or physically assaults members of the LGBTQI+ community.”

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