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Bonnie Li comes to Ankara at May 10 to ‘make you fly’ for Kaos GL’s Anti-Homophobia Meeting.

Bonnie Li Comes Ankara to ‘Make You Fly’ Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+
Bonnie Li comes to Ankara at May 10 to “make you fly” for Kaos GL’s Anti-Homophobia Meeting.
How did you get involved in performance art?
I started my project when I was in Berlin, summer 2009 at WirrWarr, an open art gay friendly and feminist place. I only had the loopstation at the time, I used to ask my audience to give me randoms topics, on which I was improvising and looping my voice. It was more a performance than a concert at that time.

Can you please shortly tell us what you are aiming with your shows?
Most important for me, is to make my Passengers (the audience) travel. I use music as a communication aid, and I create vocals loops, like gimmicks, with strong themes such as drugs, homosexuality, transgenre, the place of women in society. It is very important to me that my Passengers understand those themes, so the gimmick side helps this a lot.

Who or what inspires you most nowadays?
I used to be very inspired by Peaches and Bjork when I started my project. Today, it’s all stories and encounters coming from my daily life. People I meet in music, or art conventions. What happens in our society, the fact that we still don’t have the same rights as straight people. I’m very inspired by movies as well..

Can you give any example of how you contribute to struggle against heterosexism in your everyday life or performance?
In my everyday life, I tempt arouse my friends, in the hip hop industry for example, on the fact that i’m a Queer woman, that it is political more than telling something about my sexuality. For having been married to a transboy for almost 4 years, i feel very concerned by the fact that it is NOT normal to have only 2 genders allowed in our society today… In my performance i have songs that talk about this.

What kind of show our readers should expect from you on May 10th in Ankara?
A deep trip-hop ambiance mixed with high beats and bewitching vocal loops. Elia M, my Pilot-machine man, will throw the beats and deep bass from his cockpit, and me, as a Flight Captain, i will lead you, my Lovely Freaky Passengers, aboard the Air BONNIE LI flight.
So get ready, and don’t miss the boarding!
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