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Kaos GL, while continuing trainings on Local Correspondents’ Network and Human Rights, also supported LGBT individuals in areas like counselling, jurisprudence, refuge, academy and sexual health.

Counselling, Education and Meetings from Kaos GL in 2010 Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+
Kaos GL, while continuing trainings on Local Correspondents’ Network and Human Rights, also supported LGBT individuals in areas like counselling, jurisprudence, refuge, academy and sexual health.
Local Correspondents’ Network Trainings
Formed to strengthen Kaos GL Magazine and kaosgl.org, Local Correspondents’ Network Trainings continued in 2010 as well. With the training in Van, the 9th of these trainings had been accomplished. During the trainings in Ankara, İstanbul, İzmir and Van, journalist İrfan Aktan was the trainer. We will keep up with the trainings that hosted about 60 people againts homophobia and transphobia in 2011 as well.
Students against Homophobia and Transphobia Gathered 3 Times in 2010!
Students against Homophobia and Transphobia discussed their problems during 2 days after getting together for the first time in 23-24 April 2010 at “Kaos Gl Says No to Sexual Identity Discrimination Commission”. Students against Homophobia and Transphobia met for the third time in 11-12 December after gathering during the week of 5th Antihomophobia Meeting.
Manhood Discussions
With Hevjin LBGT Formation, 18 activities were held in Diyarbakır and Ankara with the support of Heinrich Böll Foundation. In the scope of “Under the Shadow of Manhood”, the articles by Serpil Sancar, Yıldırım Türker, Umut Tümay Arslan, Yeliz Kızılarslan, Aksu Bora, Elif Dumanlı, Tanıl Bora, Ali Erol, Cihan Hüroğlu, Fırat Söyle, Nevin Öztop, Umut Güner, Berk İnan Berkant, Fatih Özgüven, Yaşar Çabuklu had been turned into a bilingual book in Turkish and Kurdish.
Human Rights Training for UNHCR Personnel
We held a human rights training for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) personnel. After the training given by Melek Göregenli, Hayriye Kara, Umut Güner, Nevin Öztop, Seçin Tuncel, Semih Varol we watched a stand up show “Cadının Bohçası” (Witch’s Pack) by Esmeray. We will continue our trainings for about 80 UNHCR personnel in 2011 as well.
Campus Meetings
In the scope of a project implemented with RFSL with the support of Olof Palme Center, we got together with students during campus meetings held in Ege University, Mersin University, Trakya University, Bahçeşehir University, İstanbul Bilgi University, 19 Mayıs University and Sakarya University. In those meetings we distributed Kaos GL Magazines. During Antihomophobia Meeting in 2010 we continued the campus activities and antihomophobia activities had been arranged in up to 30 campuses.
Kaos GL Swot Analysis
To evaluate Kaos GL’s actions, we gathered as Kaos GL employees, volunteers and members in summer 2010. After an intensive study for a month we evaluated Kaos GL’s actions in different areas and we prepared a work schedule for the upcoming 3 years. This activity was held in the scope of the project “Strengthening LGBT Movement in Turkey” with COC, Kaos GL and Lambdaİstanbul.

Meeting to Make up the Human Rights Training Module
We met in July, 2010 to standardize Kaos GL Human Rights Trainings. This activity was held in the scope of the project “Strengthening LGBT Movement in Turkey” with COC, Kaos GL and Lambdaİstanbul.With the help of Melek Göregenli, we had the opportunity to evaluate our human rights trainings. We will keep up with our human rights trainings in 2011 as well.
Orientation Training for Kaos GL Team
We gathered in July, 2010 for an internal training addressing Kaos Gl employees and volunteers. We got the chance to reconsider Kaos GL counselling service and human rights training for 3 days in İzmir-Seferihisar. This activity was held in the scope of the project “Strengthening LGBT Movement in Turkey” with COC, Kaos GL and Lambdaİstanbul.

Human Rights Training for Eğitim-Sen Ankara Branch Offices
With the support of Fredirich Ebert Foundation, we gave a human rights training around homophobia and discrimination for Eğitim-Sen (Education and Science Worker’s Union) Ankara branch offices. Our human rights trainings for teachers will continue in 2011.  

Human Rights Training for Counsellors from Eğitim-Sen
With participation of counsellors in Eğitim-Sen (Education and Science Worker’s Union) Ankara branch officies, we gave human rights training for those who have a key role during the education life of LGBT students.
Support for Refugees
We continued to give support to LGBT refugees in 2010. We met LGBT refugees in Kayseri, Isparta, Nevşehir, Niğde and Eskişehir. Legal support was given after analyzing their problems. During 2010, 200 conselling service was given to LGBT refugees. We also contacted Boyner. Under their social responsibility program, Boyner will continue to support refugees.

Jurisprudence Line
During 2010, 14 people were given legal support in the scope of jurisprudence line conducted by Kaos GL’s volunteer lawyers.
Counselling Line
danisma@kaosgl.org and Kaos GL’s permanent telephone line gave 264 people counselling service during 2010. The service was given to LGBT individuals and their families, friends, relatives in different areas, mostly about coming out problems, military service, sexual health, rights to work and education.
HIV-AIDS Counselling
Erkek Erkeğe (Man to Man) study was conducted with Pozitif Yaşam Derneği (Positive Life Association) with support of Amfar Fund. In the scope of this project, men having sex with men were informed about HIV/AIDS in Ankara and İstanbul. Information materials were added to November-December issue of Kaos GL magazine. 2 firms, OK and Fiesta, supported the project under their social responsibility projects. During HIV/AIDS counselling activities, in 2010 5.500 condomes, 20.000 lubricants and about 3.000 information materials were distributed.
Support for Academic Studies
53 people who got in contact with our association for their academic studies were consulted on homophobia and transphobia. Students and academicians who wanted to study on these issues were provided with resources.
Human Rights Watch and Reporting
Kaos GL continued to watch and report LGBT individuals’ human rights in 2010 as well. Hate crimes, hate discourse, violation of rights to life, right to education, right to work, right to health, availability to goods and services, and sheltering were watched and reported. 2010’s report will be published in the first months of 2011. In the scope of our watching activities, we made press releases and demonstrations with LGBT organizations, human rights organizations and feminist organizations. 
Woman to Woman Story Contest
Kaos Woman organized Woman to Woman Story Contest in 2010 as well. The contest was on the theme “I loved a woman”. Award ceremony was in Ankara during the final activities of Antihomophobia Meeting.
ILGCN Award Goes to Kaos GL Magazine
Founded in 1992 in the ILGA World Conference in Paris, Sweden-centered ILGCN (The International Lesbian and Gay Cultrual Network) awarded its annual ILGCN prize to Kaos GL. The prize-giving ceremony will be held during 6th Antihomophobia Meeting.
Norway’s “Most Successful Lesbian” Prize in Kaos GL
Annette Trettebergstuen, awarded with Norway’s “Most Successful Lesbian” Prize, donated her prize to Kaos GL Association. We thank Annette once more for her support and presence from the start of Antihomophobia Meeting every year.

Radio Programs of 2010
Radyo Lora broadcasting in Lausanne, Switzerland hosted Kaos GL acitivities in their programs. With contributions of Ayşe from Radyo Lora, we joined the program on LGBT movement’s hot issues like May Day, Antihomophobia Meeting and “L Aspect of Love”. We were also in Açık Radyo (Open Radio). We joined the program “Story Aspect of Woman” produced by Özlem Yalçınkaya and Ayşegül Altınay. We joined the radio program “Sivil Sesler” (Civil Voices) prepared by Radio METU and STGM (Civil Societiy Development Center). We focused mostly on Antihomophobia Meeting and LGBT rights.