01/09/2023 | Writer: Selma Koçak

Seven people have been remanded in custody after they sprayed a trans woman with a fire extinguisher at a bus stop. The defendants said “We did it for fun” in their statement.

Defense of those who gassed a trans woman with a fire extinguisher: “We did it for fun” Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

In Bursa, 7 people were detained by the police in connection with the incident in which a group of people went up a trans woman sitting on a bench at a bus stop with a pickup truck and sprayed her with gas using a fire hose. It is learned that the suspects said that they had sprayed the gas for fun in their statements.  

The incident occurred on the night of 18 August on Stadyum Street in Altıparmak neighbourhood of Osmangazi district. A group in a truck with no plate number pulled over the side of the bus stop on the road and used a fire extinguisher to spray gas at a person named C. B. who was sitting on the waiting bench. Footage shows that it C.B. didn’t stand up and the people in the pick-up trunk drove off swearing.  Some of the people from the crowd used their mobile phones to record these moments and followed their friends by car behind the truck.

After the images were shared on social media, teams from the Public Security Branch Office of the Provincial Security Directorate launched an investigation and arrested Y.T. (21), who sprayed the fire extinguisher from the back of the truck, and B.S. (17), S.A. (20), B.Ö. (20), Ö.K. (20), İ.M. (21) and F.B. (19), who recorded the footage. 

Saying that they had sprayed the gas for fun in their statement, the suspects were sent to court following their interrogation. 

Tags: human rights, women