02/04/2020 | Writer: Yiğit E Korkmaz

BİZ Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Studies Association and Turkish Medical Students’ Association asked LGBTI+’s about their expectations from healthcare workers.

“Healthcare workers remember: Life under the rainbow is possible” Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

BİZ Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Studies Association and Turkish Medical Students’ Association (TURKMSIC) asked LGBTI+’s about their expectations from healthcare workers in the scope of the March 23-29 LGBT Health Awareness Week.

BİZ Association and TURKMSIC asked the question "What would you like to say to health care workers" through the questionnaire feature of Instagram. Here are some of the answers:

With doctors with higher LGBTI+ awareness, we can feel better in our access to health care.

I want them not to be discriminatory and to be able to express myself comfortably.

Addressing individuals in the trans transition process according to the gender they declare, not the one on the identity card.

We must accept the DSM-V individuals that the science accept without discrimination.

I expect them to examine us without assigning a gender or sexual orientation.

I expect a respectful and ethical patient approach in accordance with my declarations.

I expect them to embrace the scientific approach, being aware that LGBTI is not a disease.

Don't let them share my sexual orientation with others who don't know about me.

I wish to be addressed in accordance with the gender I declared.

Taking anamnesis with a non-sexist and non-phobic attitude.

That they respect sexual orientation and gender identity, that they're inclusive.

They need to act professionally while asking us questions about our sex life.

I want a healthcare service where I can express myself comfortably about sexual health.

I want physicians who know what LGBTI is.

They also need to inform their colleagues about LGBTI+ so that phobic approaches are reduced.

I wish them not to forget the existence of intersex.

I feel more comfortable seeing rainbow symbols in the doctors' rooms.

They have to know the terms under LGBTI+.

They should have a comforting approach about sexuality and us to be able to explain our problems clearly.

I'd like to talk about my sexual orientation without hesitation.

Above all, I want them to keep in mind that we're human beings.

That doctors should always stick to the Hippocratic oath.

Health care workers should not pretend that LGBTI+'s don't exist, so they should be conscious about it.

We shouldn't be discriminated against in terms of the right to health that we all have.

I shouldn't be branded with a sexually transmitted disease just because I'm gay.

Health is every humans right, that does not change with sexual orientation and gender identity.

Add lessons on LGBTI+ awareness to medical school classes.

Let them tell everyone that being LGBTI+ is not a disease, so we would be exposed to phobia much less.

Let's get health care that covers all people, including LGBTI.

Be a physician that has nothing to do with all kinds of discrimination and bullying.

Human rights-conscious health care workers are important for disadvantaged groups.

Remember, just because I'm a lesbian doesn't mean I don't have an active sex life.

What we call sexual health and reproductive health isn't just composed of heterosexual relationships.

Healthcare workers remember: Life under the rainbow is possible.

I expect them to use a language free from phobias and stigmas.

Posters, etc. explaining what LGBTI is can be hung to hospitals.

They must act in the consciousness of they also may have LGBTI+ colleagues in their work environments."

Translation: Yiğit E. Korkmaz

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