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6th Feminist Forum organized by Kaos GL Association started with the theme of ‘Utopia in the Twilight of Hope’ in Neva Palas Hotel.

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6th Feminist Forum organized by Kaos GL Association started with the theme of “Utopia in the Twilight of Hope” in Neva Palas Hotel.

Prof. Dr. Alev Özkazanç forced to retire from Ankara University Social Sciences Faculty made the opening speech of the Forum. Additionally, Kaos GL Consultative Committee and KaosQ+ Editorial Board Member Özkazanç, “Today we gathered together to talk about our opportunities to keep our source of hope” said in her speech.

“Kasaum and Women’s Studies Program were our utopias”

After Özkazanç’s opening speech, Funda Şenol Cantek dismissed from Ankara University Communication Faculty started her speech as the first speaker. She mentioned that even if they are dismissed from the universities, they have made their dreams come true by coordinating undergraduate/ graduate/ PhD/ Certificate Programs in KASAUM and Women’s Studies and by forming a unit against harassment in the university. She also mentioned that even if they were stuck just in a room in campus, they could achieve to create miracles and utopias.

“Kasaum and Women’s Studies Programs were the utopias themselves for us. I’m sure we will come back. This period teaches us that we have to work more for a more equal and free universities. We will reach our utopias, for sure!”

“This period was an attack on freedom and peace environment we have built”

The second speaker of the Forum is Research Assistant Dr. Ece Öztan Yıldız dismissed from Yıldız Technical University – Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences. Starting her speech by mentioning her bond with both Ankara University and Yıldız Technical University, she indicated how sad she was with the latest dismissals.

“Looking at Yıldız Technical University, we can clearly see how technical and patriarchal it is. Even if we did not sign the Peace Declaration, they could find a way to suspend us. In the university, I could never give a lecture officially with my name. I also prepared many contents for syllabus, but I couldn’t teach them.”

Yıldız ended her speech as: “After the suspension process, I understand even the importance of our existence - even if we couldn’t do anything anymore. This period was an attack on freedom and peace environment we have built.”

“We will come back stronger”

After Yıldız’s speech, Hatice Yeşildal dismissed from Anadolu University started her speech. Yeşildal emphasized that dismissed academicians are mostly women, and they work together with those academicians previously.

“Until the dismissals, we couldn’t realize how much we stand together. But I can say that after the decrees we became free. With this ‘freedom/ liberation’, I realize that we are getting stronger, and when we will come back, we will be stronger.”

“Utopia and hope is right here”

Forth speaker of the first session is Associate Prof. Sevgi Uçan Çubukçu forced to leave İstanbul University Social Sciences Faculty. During her speech, she mentioned how she was forced to retire because of the situations of Academy and how hard to work in women’s studies anymore in these conditions.


At the end of her speech, she reminded: “We haven’t done all these for nothing, utopia and hope is right here!”

“The attacks are not targeting only Academy”

After Çubukçu’s speech, Melek Zorlu dismissed from Munzur University took the stage. Mentioning her new bonds with academy, Zorlu reminded that the attacks are nor targeting only academy.

Zorlu also mentioned that women’s studies had changed her life dramatically, but with the current situation it was completely destroyed.

“I’m so glad that I signed the Peace Declaration”

Sixth speaker of the first session was Associate Prof. Yasemin Özgün dismissed from Anadolu University Social Sciences Faculty. Özgün stated that after the dismissal period she was glad that she signed the Peace Declaration.

“In these kinds of war/ crisis/ state of emergency periods, we cannot stand in solidarity as much as in the past. We are trying to heal our wounds, but not standing in solidarity. We can only cope with this period by listening each other.”

 To remember is something ideological”

The last speaker of the first session was Esra Dabağcı dismissed from Ankara University Faculty of Language History and Geography. Dabağcı talked about the dismissal period and the solidarity built afterwards. She emphasized that if she did not sign the declaration, she did not know how to remember those days, and added that to remember is something ideological.

After her dismissal, she realized that new things need to be built, and she is giving so much importance to street and solidarity academies.

The program of the second day:

12 March, Sunday

11.00 - 14.00

Workshop 1: Gözde İlkin -  Bringing Our Utopias Together with Art!

Workshop 2: Mehmet Bozok – “Different Types of Men”

14:30 - 16.30

Workshop 3: Talking about our Utopias and Creating New Types of Acting with Lezbifem!

Workshop 4: Özgür Adıkutlu and Mehmet Bozok – Talking about Trans Men’s Utopias!

Workshop are for 25 person. For registration: asli@kaosgl.org

17.00 - 18.30

Radio Program: We are creating new public spaces with Lesbian, Bisexual Women!

Come with your words! Participants will be informed about the address and details. For registration: asli@kaosgl.org


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