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Kaos GL’s representative Nevin Öztop will serve in the Board as the focal point for IDAHO events in Turkey and the region.

IDAHO’s Newly Elected Board Announced! Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+
IDAHO Committee has now its newly elected official board. The Board members had been announced on July 8, who are from Venezuela, Hong Kong, Turkey, UK, France, Kenya and Barbados. Kaos GL’s representative Nevin Öztop will serve in the Board as the focal point for IDAHO events in Turkey and the region.
Further information on the members can be found below:
Board members
Tamara Adrian - Venezuela
Tamara is a lawyer and has been a Trans activist in Venezuela, across Latin America and globally for many years. She has been working extensively on legal reforms in Venezuela and the region. She has published extensively in several languages on the legal aspects of sexual orientation and gender identity. She is female co-president for International Lesbian Gay Transgender Law Association ILGALaw.
Connie Chan - Hong Kong
Connie has been an LGBT and human rights activist for over 15 years in Hong Kong and China. Connie is currently chairperson of the Women Coalition of HKSAR. The organisation was one of the core and main organizer of IDAHO Hong Kong Committee since 2005. Connie graduated in a master’s degree in Cultural Studies in 2008.
Nevin Öztop - Turkey
Nevin studied American Culture and Literature at Portland State University, where she was taken in by feminism. After getting involved with feminist activists throughout Portland, she was heavily inspired by LGBT politics and embraced the vision. She continues to serve the LGBT movement at Kaos GL, the leading Turkish LGBT organisation, since 2006.
Oliver Phillips - UK/Zimbabwe
Oliver is currently reader in Law at the University of Westminster (London, England). He is an international expert in criminal law and has extensively published on the issues of gender, HIV, racism, social movements, ... Oliver is a founding member of GALZ (Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe. He also sits on the board of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC)
Pierre Serne- Europe
Pierre Serne is treasurer for ILGA Europe and has been an LGBT and environmentalist activist for many years. Pierre was formerly in charge of international affairs for the French LGBT umbrella organisation ’Inter-LGBT’. He is currently elected Regional Councellor for the Greater Paris region.
Louis Georges Tin- France/International
Founding member of the IDAHO Committee, Louis-Georges launched the IDAHO initiative back in 2004. He has ever since been active on promoting the Day at all levels. He has received several international distinctions for his engagement in LGBT advocacy. Louis-Georges chairs the organisation IDAHO-Committee France, which works actively on French LGBT policies.
Muthoni Wanyeki - Kenya
Muthoni has spent many years as Executive Director of the Kenyan Human Rights Commission. She previously headed the African Women’s Development and Communications Network (FEMNET). Muthoni is also a renowned journalist, writer and political analyst.
Non-Executive board member :
Nick Perkins - Barbados/UK
Nick has worked as heads of communication for the Institute of Development Studies, a UK based University and leading think tank on issues related to sexual and reproductive rights, grassroots empowerment, sexuality and politics. He currently heads SciDev.net, an online scientific resource center. He is an international expert on communications, journalism and development.
Executive Staff
Joel Bedos
Prior to his engagement with the IDAHO Committee, Joel has worked 15 years in various organisations working on international solidarity. His career took him from relief work, to development work focusing mainly on basic education, to advocacy and campaigning. He is a former Policy and Campaigns Director for Oxfam France and acted as Policy Advisor for Oxfam International
IDAHO Committee
International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

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