09/04/2024 | Writer: Kaos GL

10th Istanbul Trans Pride Week issued a call for support on their social media accounts.

Istanbul Trans Pride Week turns 10 this year and is waiting for your support! Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

10th Istanbul Trans Pride Week’s call for support shared on their social media accounts is as follows:

“As Istanbul Trans Pride Week, after 7 years we organized the 9th Trans Pride March in Harbiye last year on June 18, Transgender Equality Day. Despite all the state pressure, we still held our press statement. In addition to the forums, panels and events which have so far been shaped by the themes of ‘Perpetrator State’, ‘We will not turn back’, ‘Resistance and Peace’, ‘Bread, Justice, Freedom’, ‘Migration’, ‘In Spite of Hate, Long Live Life’ and ‘We Need a Law!’, this year, throughout the week we will talk about issues such as healthcare, visibility and constitutional rights, which constitute the agenda of the LGBTI+ movement, especially the trans movement, alongside discussions on how we can weave political coexistence despite the increasing state and police oppression on a daily basis, and how to find alternative ways to do so. We will continue with workshops to connect with each other, to touch, to create safe spaces for talking about our experiences, bodies and emotions, and parties where we celebrate our existence together with hundreds of people having fun, where we strengthen our rebellion and continue saying, ‘we are here’. We will be spreading all over the city to show that we are still here, that we are still resisting. Contrary to popular belief, Istanbul Trans Pride Week does not receive financial support from authorities, institutions or organizations in order to maintain its independence and impartiality. For years, the main income of Istanbul Trans Pride Week has therefore been the entrance fees to the Pre-Pride parties, which attracted a lot of interest from LGBTQIA+s and supporters. We are seeking everyone’s support for our expenses during Istanbul Trans Pride Week, prepared with collective solidarity. Expenses include the following:

- Transportation and accommodation expenses of the people coming from LGBTQIA+ local NGOs from all over Turkey.

- Transportation and accommodation expenses of the panel participants

- Communication/Press expenses (Social media)

- Event expenses (Security and various venue providers)

- Venue rent for parties

- Venue rent for meetings

- Flag expenditures

- Website expenses

- Banner and sticker printing expenses

- Expenditures for Solidarity with Transgender People

- Fees for DJs and drag performances

Each year the amount remaining after expenses is transferred to the following year's committee.

Thank you for all your support,

With solidarity,

10th Istanbul Trans Pride Week Committee.”

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