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Kaos GL Association published Capacity Development Report for 2015.

Kaos GL conducted activities in 26 cities, offered consultancy to 1754 people in 2015 Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Kaos GL Association published Capacity Development Report for 2015. Local activities of association, along with counseling services and financial supports towards other LGBTI associations are involved in the report.

                First ever public appearance of LGBTI's on Labor Day 2001

Kaos GL Association published Capacity Development Report. Association is carrying out the activities, within the scope of Capacity Development Program, under “Grant Scheme Program on Strengthening Local Organizations’ Capacity”, “Capacity Development Trainings”, “Consultative Committees and Thematic Studies” and “Trainings on Human Rights” titles.

Grant Scheme Program on Strengthening Local Organizations’ Capacity

Kaos GL, as supported by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) within the scope of Rainbow Project, has started “Grant Scheme Program on Strengthening Local Organizations’ Capacity.”

Association encouraged the LGBTI activism as a part of the program in Ankara, Mersin, Istanbul and Izmir. Within the Grant Scheme Program, the administrative costs of LGBTI organizations in Ankara, Izmir and Mersin were covered.

Administrative support to the LGBT associations in Ankara, Istanbul, Mersin and 7500 Turkish Liras for Trans Guesthouse in Istanbul as an example of model social service were provided. 7500 Turkish Liras to Trans-Der which works on access on health and transitional process in Ankara, 7500 Turkish Liras to Mersin 7 Renk LGBT Association, and 7500 Turkish Liras to Istanbul Hevi LGBT Association were offered as general support.

Supports on equipment, publication and stationery were also provided to Antalya, Diyarbakir, Canakkale, Bursa, Eskisehir, Izmir, Istanbul, Trabzon and Denizli.

Twenty-Five thousand publications in 40 cities!

Kaos GL Association which left the year of 2015 behind with 9 new publications by stating “Spoken words fly away, written words remain,” shared implicitly twenty-five thousand publications to LGBT associations, democratic organizations, unions and working groups in 40 cities.

Supported Activities

These are the activities that supported within in the scope of program: Sincere Regards to Trans Ali Gül, Local LGBTT Associations Meeting in Istanbul, 2nd Anti-Homophobia and Transphobia Symposium organized by Mersin 7 Renk Association, 8th Meeting of Students against Homophobia and Transphobia organized by LeGeBiT Community of Students in Izmir.

“Support Program on Local Meeting on Anti-Homophobia”

Kaos GL Association continued supporting local LGBT association in 2015, too. Within the scope of program, 1200 Turkish Liras were offered as grant to the associations, foundations, unions and communities that are on fight against the discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Kaos GL who conducted 36 “Local Meeting against Homophobia” meetings in 25 cities in 2014, managed to conduct activities in 26 cities in 2015. For the first time in 2015, activities were carried out in Artvin, Aksaray, Tekirdag and Maras. Along with Cyprus Nicosia, there were also activities in Aydın, İzmir, Ankara, Dikili, Urfa, Malatya, Van, Mugla, Aksaray, Tekirdag, Kars, Edirne, Trabzon, Kocaeli, Antakya, Mersin, Adana, Maras, Denizli, Bursa, Canakkale, Antalya, Artvin, Istanbul and Eskisehir.

Trainings on Capacity Development

Mersin 7 Renk Association, Istanbul LGBT Association and Pembe Hayat LGBTT Association were met with the support on capacity development. Ten visits of support were directed to Mersin 7 Renk LGBTT Association. Five visits to Istanbul LGBTT Association and 15 visits to Pembe hayat LGBTT Association were carried out.

16 LGBTI associations including Istanbul LGBTT, Pembe Hayat LGBTT, Mersin Yedirenk LGBTT, Ankara Gokkusagi Aile Grubu, Queer Adana, Eskisehir MorEl LGBTT, LeGeBiT Izmir, Sıyah Pembe Ucgen Izmir, Hevi LGBTI, LISTAG, Malatya LGBT, Edirne LGBTI, Kocaeli LGBTI, Canakkale LGBTI, KeSKeSoR were trained according to capacity development and media literacy.

About fund raising, face to face meetings with Mersin Yedirenk, Siyah Pembe Ucgen Izmir, Pembe Hayat and Istanbul LGBTT Association were conducted. To the trainings on capacity development and media literacy, 20 men and 10 women from 16 different LGBTI associations participated.

Trainings on Human Rights

A total number of 840 people were reached thanks to trainings on human rights in 2015. The trainings that were carried out by Kaos GL Association and Pembe Hayat Associations were conducted in Ankara, Mugla, Trabzon, Antep and Van within the scope of Rainbow Project.

Within the scope of Rainbow Project, teacher trainings were performed for seven times. More than 500 teachers participated to the trainings at Kars, Eskisehir, Ankara, Malatya, Canakkale and Bursa. As supported by Swedish International Development  Agency (SIDA) and Amnesty International, two trainings which aimed to the workers of social services in Turkey were conducted. 60 people participated in that mentioned training.

Law Workshop

The second of Kaos GL Association’s Law Strategy was carried out in 9 different cities with the participation of lawyers.

In 2015, within the scope of Rainbow Project, Law Workshops were performed in Ankara, Trabzon, Antep, Van and Mersin and Thematic studies will be kept organized in 2016 and 2017.

Kaos GL’s Union Working Group, Kaos GL’s Training Working Group, LGBTI Committees and with the participation of Siyah Pembe Ucgen Association on “LGBT Rights are Union Rights” and meetings on unions were conducted in Karsiyaka. At 13-17 July 2015 and 13 December 2015 attenders got together and course of action for the next year was prepared.

Consultative Committee of Kaos GL Association which is formed of academics, gathered at 17 May and 21 September 2015 in Ankara. Academic Studies, Anti-Discrimination Symposium, Anti-Homophobia Meeting and the situation of human rights in Turkey were evaluated.

First Transdisciplinary Academic Congress was taken out from the plan of Kaos GL since it was decided that it was going to be the first activity of 17 Mayıs Foundation.

Kaos GL’s Consultative Committee on Health Right got together two times. Anti-Discrimination Symposium was planned, too.

Practices were decided to be open to discuss on basis of strengthening the relationship of local LGBT association with local authorities and specifying the needs in this regard. This subject especially will be focused in 2016. The reflection of urban transformation towards LGBTIs will be discussed.

Through a Non-Heteronormative Social Services

It was decided that the studies on “social services” will be structured according to social policies and social services which is the main topic of the Anti-Discrimination Symposium that is planned to be conducted in 2016.

Consultative Committee of Social Services got together two times at 29-30 May, one after another. In this regard, academics met with Kaos GL. The ways to fight with discrimination based on homophobia and transphobia were discussed for two days on social services. First day was about the discussion on social service trainings on heterosexism. Human Rights and social services and LGBTI rights were open to discussion at the next day with the participation of social service experts at 13-15 November 2015.

The meeting with the academics of Hacettepe University who study on LGBTI was performed at 8 April 2015 at Beytepe Campus.

Counselling Activities

Kaos GL, in 2015, offered consultancy services to 707 people via e-mail, to 253 people face to face and to 402 people via phone. Half of the total data on counselling consists of homosexual male and military service. Coming out takes the second place and it is being followed by resettlement on a different country, LGBTI friendly places, LGBTI friendly doctors and access to a lawyer.

In 2015, 81 LGBTI refugees were provided consultancy services face to face, 226 of them via phone, 145 via e-mail. The total number of Kaos GL Association provided consultancy to LGBTI refugees is 452.

Translated by: Görkem Celasun

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