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Kaos GL magazine’s next issue waits your contributions’: ‘Game and Sports’.

Kaos GL’s next issue: Game and Sports Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Kaos GL magazine’s next issue waits your contributions’: “Game and Sports”.

The issue of our March – April 2017 volume is determined as “Game and Sports”.

The game, together with ritual, is the most concentrated area of ​​social existence.  According to Huizinga, the game, which is an indispensable part of life that also existed before culture, always get into the selfs, relations and belongings. The sport, which has all the features of the game, of course goes beyond this first meaning with industrialization and professionalism. However, we can not say that both the game in general and the individual or team sports immanently impose the forms of masculine of feminine actions.  This is precisely why we want to focus on the Works in this field in order to organize the anti-heterosexist attitudes and the personal feminine modes of action within the World of sport against industrial, masculine and homophobic sports structure.

For this purpose, we would like to give place to works about the performative examples of even how the most “Professional” players in patriarchal and homophobic industry of today’s sport can become multi-gendered in the game system, sport industry and its bourgeoisifying, and the social meaning of being team, fans and athletes.

We are waiting for your contributions to editor@kaosgl.org by February 5th.

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