23/12/2020 | Writer: Kaos GL

Kaos GL published the book, Lavender Ceiling. The book contains interviews with LGBTI+’s on workplace discrimination.

Lavender Ceiling is out! Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Lavender Ceiling has been prepared by Yunus Emre Demir and translated into English by Özge Gökpınar.

The book contains these sections:

Wish to Smash the Lavender Ceilings one by one…

LGBTI+ employees and compulsory strategy for concealing SOGIESC / Reyda Ergün

“The person they used to see as a client is now a lawyer” / Evrim Demirtaş

“Frankly speaking, you are actually a precariat” / Asîde

“I forget about homophobia and the other problems while I continue teaching” / ABB

“Existing in the field as a queer is a matter in itself” / Aria Na

“They always have a tongue-in-cheek approach” / Zahter

“The illusion as if there is no boss is created in civil society” / Efruz Kaya

“There have always been a moment that makes you feel “you are different”” / Nazlı Özersoy

A Guide for Unions: LGBTI+ Rights Are Union Rights

Glossary of Basic Concepts


Wish to Smash the Lavender Ceilings one by one…

Kaos GL Media and Communications Program Coordinator Yıldız Tar, presents the book as;

“This booklet you are reading now was published within this atmosphere to remind and bring to the agenda the rights of LGBTI+ persons regarding labor life. In this booklet, which is a product of Yunus Emre Demir’s meticulous work, we directly hear from LGBTI+ persons what they have experienced both during the pandemic process and in the labor life before that. Before providing the detailed testimonies provided in the booklet, we care about digressing for a moment to discuss the importance of the unions. The guide of Kaos GL, which we have provided at the end of the booklet, can also guide the unionists.”

Click here to reach the book online.

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