04/09/2015 | Writer: Janset Kalan

20 lawyers from 9 different cities gathered against hate, at the lawyer training organized by Pembe Hayat and Kaos GL.

Lawyers discussed hate and discrimination Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

20 lawyers from 9 different cities gathered against hate, at the lawyer training organized by Pembe Hayat and Kaos GL.

3rd of the gradual lawyer trainings as part of Don’t Hate Project going on for 2 years organized by Pembe Hayat and Kaos GL, was held in Muğla-Akyaka with the participation of lawyers from different cities.

Lawyer’s Network Camp, which was arranged with the intention of specifying the legal strategies to combat hate speech and creating an expert lawyer network, was held with the participation of 20 lawyer’s from Trabzon, Batman, Mersin, Adana, Antalya, İzmir, Ankara, İstanbul and Diyarbakır.

Censorship on the Internet, Law of Misdemeanour, Search and Custody

On the first day of the camp, the report that includes The Freedom for Expression of LGBTI Individuals through Internet, Censorship, Hate Speech and Violation of Rights and will be printed soon, was discussed. Deficiencies in legislative regulations were discussed by touching upon decisions of TİB (Telecommunications Communications Presidency), filtration systems, AYM (Constitutional Court) and precedent cases that moved to AİHM (Europe Court of Human Rights). 

Lawyer Kerem Dikmen from Bar Association of İzmir made a presentation about Law of Misdemeanour, Administrative Fines and Impunity, on the second day of the camp. Administrative fines implemented on trans people and sex workers, how these fines changed from city to city and police’s malpractice is legalized because of impunity were the subjects spoken about. While the data available was shared, a discussion about the violation of rights about Law of Misdemeanour trans women in İzmir, Ankara Antalya, Mersin, Adana and Istanbul are faced with and how they can object to these, was made.

While it was stated that victims were subject to sanction because of gender identity, the fact that this situation violated the privacy was emphasized.

Lawyer Erkan Şenses from the Bar Association of Batman made a presentation entitled Search and Custody in Consideration of AİHM Decisions. Sharing various pleas made at AİHM against Turkey and AİHM decisions, Lawyer Şenses compared notes about arbitrary custodies implemented on trans people and sex workers, domiciliary visits and strategies of fight against these.

Bahar Bostan from Trabzon stated that traffic cops don’t have the right of vehicle search as they are administrative cops.

 “Is conservative democracy possible?”

Prof. Melek Göregenli from Psychology Department of Ege University gave a briefing about discrimination for lawyers. Results of the field investigation Prof. Melek Göregenli made about law employees and law enforcers, was shared in the session entitled “Is Conservative Democracy Possible?” that was arranged with the facilitation of Melek Göregenli.

In the closing sitting of the camp, a strategy workshop was made by revising the files of the case about Supreme Court’s reversal of imprisonment judgement 3 trans human rights activist in Ankara were sentenced to with the accusation of resistance and insult to police.

Prejudication about sealing of houses Lawyer Ahmet Çevik took from Antalya Penal Court of Fourth Instance was discussed at camp and the court decision was shared with the participants.

Translated by Eray Gakçı

*This event was organized by Pembe Hayat and Kaos GL Foundations as part of the Don’t Hate Me Project, financially funded by European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights.

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