22/06/2021 | Writer: Barış Azar

Hundreds on the street for İzmir LGBTI+ Pride Parade despite police blockade: We will win by resisting!

LGBTI+s from İzmir: Lubunya*s will not stay silent! Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Activists gathered on Kıbrıs Şehitleri Street for the İzmir LGBTI+ Pride Parade on June 19. Before the march, police blockaded the OSYM building and its surroundings where the activists designated as a gathering place. When hundreds of LGBTI+ activists gathered for the march, police blocked both sides of the street, blocking the entries.

Police told that “they won’t allow the march”. LGBTI+’s started the press release with slogans after the threats of the police.

“Lesbian, mesbian we are here”

Throughout the press release, the crowd often chanted, "We exist, we will exist", "Just to spite hate, long live life in spite of hate", "Lubunyas will not be silenced", "Where are you, my love", "The whole world would tremble if the fags were free", "Lesbian, mesbian, we are here".

İzmir LGBTI+ Pride Parade press release was read by LGBTI+ activist Zahter Saklıyan. “So we, LGBTI+'s say; the LGBTI+ hatred that the government spreads to society kills us more than the virus. The racist, male-dominated, heteronormative, speciesist system kills LGBTI+'s more than the virus. The widespread moral oppression and holy family imposition kill LGBTI+'s more than the virus. The collaborative male judiciary that gives rewards to murderers and almost pity murderers are killing LGBTI+'s more than the virus.” said the press release.

Translation: Yiğit E. Korkmaz

Tags: human rights, life