31/01/2023 | Writer: Selma Koçak

240-page consensus on common policies text prepared by ‘Table of Six’ includes neither LGBTI+ rights, nor gender or the İstanbul Convention!

Main opposition’s common policies don’t include LGBTI+ rights! Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Six opposition parties consisting of Nation Alliance, announced their Consensus on Common Policies Text that includes their targets regarding state governance and economy, reforms, policies and projects.

The 240-page text, which will form the framework of the policies of both the President and the government in case they are elected, includes details on almost every respect. More than 2 thousand new regulations are envisaged within the scope of the text consisting of 9 main titles and 75 subtitles.

LGBTI+s are not mentioned even once on 240 pages

The comprehensive text doesn’t include a single sentence regarding LGBTI+ rights, equality of LGBTI+s, discrimination, hate speech or hate crimes.

“Sex, ethnic origin, religion, settlement, state of heath and socioeconomic circumstances” are regarded while discussing struggle against discrimination under different headings within the scope of the text. Sexual orientation and gender identity are not mentioned and listed among causes of discrimination. Moreover, forms of discrimination is limited by not adding “and etc.” afterwards.

“Protection of the family institution” is regarded, and gender is disregarded

According to the consensus text, Table of Six, six opposition parties, promises to reconstitute “Ministry of Family and Social Services” into “Ministry of Woman, Family and Children”. However returning to the İstanbul Convention, which was revoked by presidential decree, is not among the promises of the alliance.

On the other side, “We are going to prioritize protecting and safeguarding the family institution” statement takes place as a principle under the part subtitled “Family and Child” of the text.

Another remarkable detail regarding the text is preferring to use “sex equality” instead of “gender equality”. 

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