27/02/2013 | Writer: Kaos GL

Montenegrin Government prepared a five-year draft strategy for improving the lives of LGBT people.

Montenegrin Government Came up With an LGBT Rights Strategy Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+
LGBT Forum Progress, a non-governmental organization that visibly gathers and represents the rights and interests of the LGBT community in Montenegro, expressed satisfaction with the proposed solutions to the government’s five-year strategy for improving the lives of LGBT people.
The draft strategy was presented through the practical, and professional quality text that concisely covers all aspects of LGBT life with realistic ambitions that can help achieving better status and lives of all LGBT people. LGBT Forum Progress will provide the intensive development of the capacity to provide high quality continuous monitoring of the implementation of measures and achieved results.
The document treats all issues of relevance to everyday life, work and progress of each individual from the LGBT community. It is also important that the proposed document is understandable to the members of the LGBT community, professionals from the system and all citizens whose behavior needs to be focused and improved.
The document is positive because it offers the hand of cooperation to those who are currently opposed to the concept of equality of all citizens regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
Two years have passed from the founding of the first transparent LGBT group in the country and from the public declaration of the first people on the basis of sexual orientation. In a relatively short time, despite numerous challenges, the efforts of civil society will result in the adoption of the first national LGBT policy.

LGBT Forum Progress also expresses its pleasure because today’s hearing was attended by 13 members of the LGBT community, its active members and associates, which confirms the development and the visibility of the LGBT community. Present LGBT people have shown interest in the defense of their dignity and of their better future. 

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