11/04/2013 | Writer: Kaos GL

In Montenegro, the Law on personal names has been tested in practice.

Montengro Allows Name Change for Trans People Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+
LGBT Forum Progress of Montenegro happily informs the public that the Law on personal names has been tested in practice. It contains reasonable and supportive solutions for the transgender persons, regardless of the fact whether the medical treatment of the gender confirmation process has been completed or not. It is concluded that there are administratively, there are no barriers to the free choice of name.
Transgender person who still has not finalized the process of gender confirmation, has successfully changed his first personal name yesterday. With the respect of the existing regulations the Ministry of Internal Affairs allowed the modification of the first personal name to the Trans man who is biologically born as a female. Real-life experience in the desired gender and modification of the first personal names are important stages in the process of gender confirmation. This person vigorously awaits for the process – hormone therapy and surgical operation to finally begin.
According to data from the LGBT Forum Progress in the last three years two Montenegrin citizens successfully completed the administrative procedures related to the determination of a new identification number and issuing personal documents after the finished sex change procedure. All of them are very satisfied with Montenegrin authorities and with the overall treatment in Ministry of Internal affairs. They point out that the process was efficient and extremely timely with the full confirmation of human dignity.
Trans community today initiated the adoption, under urgent procedure, of amendments to the Law on Identity Cards. Initiatives are addressed to the Minister of Internal Affairs Rasko Konjevic and to the Presidents of the parliamentary committees for gender equality and human rights and freedoms Nada Drobnjak and Dr. Halil Dukovic.
LGBT Forum Progress, since its founding in December 2010., continuously works to improve the rights of transgender persons in Montenegro. During two years of intensive work, a successful campaign has been conducted for the change of the Health insurance Law, which now, finally enables the gender confirmation process to be refunded by the State budget in the amount of 80 % of the overall costs. A trans community has been based and the programs in order to increase its visibility have been put in motion. Also the cooperation with the trans movements in the region and the world is gradually being developed. 

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