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Kaos GL is bringing up "Conservatism" for discussion from the perspective of LGBT individuals in the first issue of the new year.

New Year’s First Issue of Kaos GL Magazine in Bookstores Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+

Kaos GL is bringing up "Conservatism" for discussion from the perspective of LGBT individuals in the first issue of the new year.
Dated January-February 2012, issue 122 of the Magazine took its place in bookstores and the editor-in-chief Nevin Öztop asks  on behalf of Kaos Writing Collective "Is Turkey becoming more conservative? Or codes of conservatism are changing?” under the title of "Conservatism; this is all what matters..."
Guests Writers of the "Conservatism" Issue
Remzi Altunpolat undertakes the editing of the 122th issue and discussion topics of writers are as follows;
Ahmet Kavas - Art and it's tussle with moral judgments
Doğancan Özsel - Discussion of homosexuality and conservatism in sickness and in health
Erdal Partog - Family policies of worried conservatives
Fatih Yaşlı - History of conservatism in the circle of the world and especially in Turkey
İmge Oranlı - Relations with the LGBT movement in Turkey and conservatism
Kansu Yıldırım- "Conservatism-capitalism-objectionable identities" triangle
Levent Şentürk - Conservatism that failed
Pınar İlkkaracan - Living with a Prime Minister who wants to self-defense and to preserve gender inequity forever
Simten Coşar - Destructing while preserving
Volkan Yılmaz- The boundaries of conservative democracy in Turkey
Özgün and Deniz Ulusoy - New conservatism, increasing male violence against women and the holy alliance
Interviews and Articles Extend Beyond the Theme
Interview with Caner Alper and Mehmet Binay the directors of "Zenne" movie and Sırrı Süreyya Önder, Parliamentarian (BDP).
Onur Caymaz wrote about Ayşe Kulin's book "Passenger of Hidden Moments "
Hande Öğüt wrote literature on AIDS: Epidemic, Fear, Silence, Enlightment
Cenk Erdem made an interview with Sami Berat Marçalı from Tiyatro Sıfırnoktaiki, Gülistan Aydoğdu made an interview with Hakan Taş, Parliamentarian from Linke Party.
Artists of Issue 122
Sanatçı Erinç Seymen, “İkna Odası” çalışması ile 122. Sayının kapağına konuk oldu. Derginin her sayısında orta sayfayı kaplayan “UMUM” bölümünün konuğu ise “ve ondan sonra…” adlı çalışması ile Necla Rüzgar. Bu sayının “dosya” kapağında ise sanatçı Serpil Odabaşı’nın “Kırmızı Etek” adlı çalışması yer alıyor.
Artist Erinç Seymen was the guest with his work "Persuasion Room" on the cover of issue 122. Necla Rüzgar's art work named "And then…" is filling the middle page of the magazine. Art work of Serpil Odabaşı "Red Skirt" takes place in the cover of the file.
Files of Kaos GL Magazine in 2012
Conservatism, January-February
Nationalism, March-April
Borders, May-June
Migration, July-August
From Illness to Idelogy: Bodily Resistances, September-October
Social Policies, November-December
Kaos GL Magazine is waiting for written and visual contributions for the issue of 123 “Nationalism”; please send your input to editor@kaosgl.org until February 5, 2012.
Kaos GL Magazine which is published bi-monthly is open to all kinds of contribution. 
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