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Following the suicide of a 17-year-old trans teen in Izmir yesterday, LGBTI organizations in Turkey made a press statement.

On the suicide of a trans teen: The ‘normal’ is the perpetrator! Kaos GL - News Portal for LGBTI+
Following the suicide of a 17-year-old trans teen in Izmir yesterday, T-Kulup Trans Men Cultural Production Platform and Voltrans Trans Men Initiative made a press statement signed by LGBTI organizations in Turkey. The statement declaring that “You kill a part of us every day with the constant repetition of the ‘normal – abnormal’ dichotomy,” is as follows:
"Go down with your morality" - Protesters in Ankara condemning transphobia resulting in the suicide
“What’s the fucking use of being normal?”
On July 2, 2014, Okyanus Ozyavuz, a trans teen, ended his life. A successful athlete, Okyanus pointed out the reason behind his suicide via a note he shared on his social media account, “What’s the fucking use of being normal?”
As hundreds of trans people who understand what Okyanus was going through by his one remark, we would like to explain why he died: Close your eyes and imagine…. That you wake up in the morning in a body which you feel is not compatible with your sex, that you cannot tear it up the way you can a disappointing dress and that you are drowned in that flesh as well as the looks, remarks and the harassment of those that see you in that flesh.
Imagine nobody being able to see or understand who you really are… Imagine everyone you know pushing you and being hostile to you because that body is not compatible with you, and imagine being more drawn into yourself day by day. You can’t take it? Why not change? Make a choice between lying to yourself forever and taking on the whole world. Change, despite the possibility of being labeled “abnormal” but to be yourself… Then imagine putting up with not being identified as “normal” ever again.
We pay heed to his preferred male identity
Even if you do understand a part of what we are saying, we are sure that you will spread the news with a different name than that our friend chose and we insist on calling him “Okyanus.” We pay more heed to his preferred male identity, expressed by his chosen name and his attire, than the female identity the government brands on us by only glancing at our crotches. And we accuse you! You killed Okyanus. You journalists, mothers, fathers, teachers, brothers, sisters or lovers! You, who do not know how to love unconditionally, kill a part of us every day with the constant repetition of the “normal – abnormal” dichotomy.
We, trans people, live everyday and every moment struggling against you. You try to suppress us through pressures by society, family and government so that you can protect that wholly fictional, damned “normal.” Well, we are not suppressed! We will not apologize for existing! You disregard us and discriminate us by regulating everything from bathrooms to vocational schools according to your own “normal.” Still, we keep going and when we object to how we are treated and cry out for our human rights, you test us with every kind of violence, death and/or suicide and try to wipe us out. Well, we will not be wiped out!
The “normal” is the perpetrator!
Failing to add any clauses to the new Hate Crimes Law regarding the LGBTI means the government ignores us even under the threat of violence and that trans people’s right to life is not guaranteed in this country. The state’s insistence on being an accomplice in every event of discrimination through its police, teachers, doctors and law, its constant violation of our rights such as the rights to shelter, education and employment are just a few of the reasons providing a base for these suicides and murders. We announce here: The state is the perpetrator, the society is the perpetrator and the “normal” is the perpetrator!
You killed yet another pure and clean part of us, but we are still here! Our heads held high! We stand strong against you organized and in solidarity! Neither your ignorance, nor your violence, not even your slayings will be able to change this. You will see us wherever you turn your head. Get used to it, we are here and we are not going anywhere.”
Translation: LGBTI News Turkey 

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